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Year: 2017

What is a Tort?

As a practicing attorney in Corpus Christi, we deal with lots of personal injury claims. These range from car wrecks to slip and fall accidents and everything else in between. One of the topics potential clients get hung up on are different types of torts. What is the difference between … Continue reading

My Child Was In An Accident – Now What?

There are, unfortunately, many times when a minor is injured in an accident.  As minors cannot typically represent their own interests, it is oftentimes up to the parents or legal guardians to bring a claim or a lawsuit on their behalf. Once there has been a settlement or judgment, if … Continue reading

Multiple Representation in Texas

Imagine a couple and their child are traveling along when they are suddenly and unexpectedly involved in a car accident.  In the car with them are another couple and their child.  These two families are close friends and, unfortunately, have all suffered pretty substantial injuries.  The vehicle that hit them … Continue reading

Claims Against Charitable Organizations in Texas

Oftentimes, people will approach law firms with potential claims against what are legally deemed “charitable organizations”.  A charitable organization is an organization that is listed as an exempt organization in Section 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.  This distinction can be found in Chapter 84 of … Continue reading

What are the Insurance Policy Limits in my State?

If you have ever purchased insurance for your car (or any general insurance) you may have heard the term, “Policy Limits”. These are the limits that you’re paying for each month known as your Premium. The policy limits are listed on the Declarations page of the insurance agreement. Many people … Continue reading

Big Injuries Small Insurance Policy

Many times we have clients that are seriously injured because of someone else’s negligence. Unfortunately, the insurance coverage/ or policy for the at-fault person is not enough to compensate for the injuries.  Clients will ask where else they may recover damages and if it is possible to sue the other … Continue reading

Does My Settlement Impact My Taxes?

My favorite part of being a personal injury attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas is when I get to present my client with their settlement check. This is the day they have been waiting for. It’s the day that they are made whole by the insurance company for all the pain … Continue reading

IVC Filter Lawsuits – What You Need to Know

You may have heard about the lawsuits involving IVC filter issues in patients. This is a topic that’s all over the news today. However, what does that mean? What is an IVC filter? What’s wrong with them? Most importantly, what should I do if I have one? We will try … Continue reading

A Look at Whiplash and its Short and Long-Term Effects

Automobile accidents continue to be one of society’s main driver safety concerns, and with good reason. Many thousands of vehicular accidents occur each day across the United States, resulting in everything from minor injury to death. Whiplash is one of the most common types of injuries suffered in these collisions, … Continue reading