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Year: 2017

I Was In An Accident. What Do I Have To Prove?

Many times when people approach law firms about an accident they were involved in, they wonder why the lawyers are asking them some of the questions that they do.  Proving that someone is responsible to you for your property and bodily injury damages go beyond what common sense may see … Continue reading

I’m on the Jury. Now what?

If a lawsuit cannot be settled at any point prior to the trial date, it is going to have to go to trial.  Attorneys have two options in regards to their lawsuit: they can pay a jury fee and timely request a jury trial, or they can choose to go … Continue reading

What Is Written Discovery, And Why Am I Answering It?

When parties cannot come to a settlement agreement, oftentimes a lawsuit must be filed.  After a lawsuit has been filed by the plaintiff, and the defendant or defendants have answered, “discovery” is conducted.  Oftentimes, clients are confused as to the questions they are asked and the documents they are asked … Continue reading

Do I have a Personal Injury Case?

So what determines if you have a case? There are several factors that go into deciding if you have a case in which our experienced attorneys can assist you with. The first factor is, was your injury due to the negligence of another actor? Failing to exercise the degree of … Continue reading

The Dangers of Road Rage

Let’s admit it we have all been there on the road, where someone cuts us off or takes that parking spot that was undoubtedly ours. The response we tend to give these people are all too common ranging from cursing like a sailor to the infamous finger flip. The road … Continue reading

How Difficult is the Texas State Bar Exam?

Just finishing law school can be quite the chore. However, once he or she completes law school they still have to pass the Texas State Bar Exam to become a practicing attorney in the state of Texas. The test itself is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a three (3) … Continue reading