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Year: 2018

To File a Lawsuit or Not

Not as easy as it seems. Your attorney gives you a call one day and informs you that the insurance company has made an offer and after paying the medical providers and expenses your take home comes out to a certain dollar figure. Your gut reaction may say to you … Continue reading

What is a Petition?

You and your attorney have exhausted all avenues to try and get your case settled. You have been patient. You have been reasonable. So what happens when you’re left with a bad settlement offer that you know is unfair? The only option you are left with is drafting a petition … Continue reading

Cars Are Getting Safer!

My father-in-law just purchased a new Jeep Cherokee.  My memory of Jeeps was that they were not very safe vehicles.  This concerned me because he is going to drive my young children around in that Jeep.  So, I looked up the safety rating for the Cherokee.  It turns out that … Continue reading

What are Request for Admissions?

Once the petition is filed, each side will serve the other with “Discovery”. Part of the discovery process involves what is called “Request for Admissions”, which according to Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 198.1, consists of a request that contains a statement sent from one party to the adverse party, … Continue reading

What is a Release?

There are certain legal buzzwords that attorneys throw around that the client may not fully understand. One of these legal words is a “Release”. But what is a release? What am I releasing? When does a release need to be signed? In short, a release is a legal document that … Continue reading

Do I Really Need To Wear A Seat Belt?

In short, YES, you need to wear a seat belt.  Here is why.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration seat belts saved an estimated 13,941 in 2015. Almost half of the over thirty-five thousand people killed in vehicle crashes in 2015 were not wearing seat belts.  The National … Continue reading

Main Types of Back Surgeries

Having back surgery is a serious procedure for someone to have. The truth of the matter is back surgery may be the only solution for someone who was in a major automobile collision. Any type of back surgery is a highly invasive procedure. There are real risks involved with each … Continue reading

Why Do We Have Speed Limits?

The first speed limit was introduced in the United Kingdom way back in 1861 at 10 miles per hour, or 16 kilometers per hours. Speed limits were first implemented to control traffic speed for several reasons. One of which is to reduce that number of accidents. Imagine a highway with … Continue reading