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Driver rear-ends car on shoulder of I-37, injuring San Patricio County deputy

SAN PATRICIO COUNTY, TX – A deputy suffered minor injuries after his patrol car was rear-ended by an intoxicated driver late last month, according to The News of San Patricio.

The collision occurred at around 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 29 somewhere on I-37 in San Patricio County. The exact location is not mentioned in the outlet’s reporting.

A deputy was on the shoulder of I-37 assisting the driver of a disabled vehicle. The disabled vehicle had no power so it was unable to use its emergency lights.

According to the San Patricio County Sherriff’s Office, the deputy had pulled in behind the vehicle, turned on his flashing lights, and turned his wheels to the right, so that in the event that his vehicle was rear-ended, it would not strike the disabled vehicle in front it.

Shortly after the deputy pulled over, a car strayed off the interstate, onto the shoulder, and rear-ended the patrol car.

When first responders arrived, they initially thought the driver was dead, but then discovered he was intoxicated. He was taken to the hospital so his blood alcohol levels could be tested.

The deputy suffered a laceration to his eyelid, and was taken to a hospital for treatment via a patrol car.

The driver of the disabled vehicle was uninjured in the incident.

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