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What Is Be Kind to Humankind Week?

When you watch the news or get on social media, it can feel like there is something very important missing. You might ask, where is all the good news, positivity, or kindness? Those stories are there. People do good deeds every single day, but they often get buried under the sensationalized stories. Everything has become about ratings and clicks ... CONTINUE READING

What Legal Options Are Available if You Get

With COVID-19 rates increasing, the nation seems to be struggling with how to address the disease. While there are deep concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19, individuals also need to be aware of the legal options available to them ... CONTINUE READING

Private Wojtek, Heroic Brown Bear of WWII

Many brave soldiers answered the call to bear arms during WWII, but one Polish artillery supply company took things a step further and armed a bear. That’s right — among the countless animal heroes of WWII was a full-grown brown bear from the mountains of Northern Iran named Wojtek ... CONTINUE READING

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