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A Sigh of Relief as the Year Comes to an End

The holiday season is in full swing. For many families, December is a busy month, but unlike in years past, some families will be skipping the traditional holiday get-togethers. Much like Thanksgiving, holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day will be different this year — but that doesn’t mean we can’t ... CONTINUE READING

3 Things You Need to Know About Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are among the deadliest injuries a person can sustain as the result of an accident, car collision, or fall. The spinal column controls much of our mobility, as well as certain aspects of ... CONTINUE READING

Not Just a Corn Cob Pipe and Button Nose

Building a snowman is one of the most picturesque winter activities, which is why snowmen have become a wintertime cultural icon. A snowman appeared on the very first postcards, was the subject of some of the earliest photos, and even starred in silent movies. Frosty may be a happy snowman now, but his ancestors have a much more ... CONTINUE READING

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