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Falling Pipes and Debris Attorney Corpus Christi

Got injured by falling objects while at work? Seek the help of a falling pipes and debris lawyer for workplace injury compensation.

Oil rigs, construction sites, and other work sites require constant attention to safety. There are a number of potential hazards on these job sites, including falling pipes, tools, and other debris. Falling objects, even if they are falling just a few feet, can land on people underneath and cause serious injuries. In the worst cases, this debris can kill construction sites and oil rig workers.

At Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C., we pride ourselves in representing hardworking construction workers and oil rig workers following a serious accident. When a beloved family member has died, or when a worker can no longer provide for his or her family, our job is to pursue the necessary compensation following such a tragedy.

Legal options for falling object injuries caused by falling pipes or falling debris

While workers’ compensation may provide benefits for workers injured on construction sites, and the Jones Act may provide benefits for offshore workers, it is important to review all of your legal options.

Incidents that have the potential to seriously hurt or kill someone beneath include:

  • Steel pipes that break loose
  • Falling wrenches, tools, and other equipment
  • Any object or piece of equipment

Speak with an experienced Texas construction accident attorney early in the process to make sure that your claims are filed properly and that all options for financial compensation are pursued.

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