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If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to the negligent or careless actions of others, you need a trusted, experienced lawyer who will protect your legal interests, and, most importantly, honestly cares about you. After suffering injuries, you should not be worrying about medical bills and what to do about your lost income from work – particularly when another party was responsible for what happened to you.

Your top priority is regaining your health and enjoyment of life. At Herrman & Herrman, our entire team of personal injury lawyers is here to help you through this extremely tough time.

Great team of professionals, committed to helping out their clients. What I like the most with this team is that everyone has compassion for their clients, and the first thing on their agenda is to ask you “How are you feeling?”. I believe that is very important in dealing with clients who have suffered accidents and might have injuries.
Very reliable and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who needs legal support.

-Aleksandra V.

I was referred to Herrman and Herrman after asking for recommendations for a personal injury law firm. My daughter was in a car accident and needed a personal injury attorney. Everyone was super helpful and answered all the questions we had. We left feeling like we were heard and like our case mattered. Would definitely recommend!

-Monica P.
Herrman & Herrman are the best auto injury lawyers. They were there for me & my family after our car wreck. My team helped make sure we got the treatment we needed. Would recommend this firm to family & friends.
-Shayla G.

Herman & Herman can help you if you are in need of an excellent accident or personal injury attorney. They are professional and qualified to handle your legal needs. They can get you what is due to you. Their attorneys care about their clients. Attorneys that work hard to make sure your case is handled with dignity.

-Cemetria D.

I went to H&H after a personal injury a few years back, long story short I ended up with two disc replacement surgeries. Recovery wasn’t easy but, H&H was there by my side through everything! The process was very simple & the staff was wonderful when it came to answering any questions I had. I’m so happy I called H&H!!!

-Selena A.

Herman and Herman is the law firm my mother was recommended for her auto accident and incurred injuries. Anytime questions were asked, they responded quickly. They handled the matter between the auto insurances and pending medical expenses.

-Rose B.

Herrman & Herrman was great to work with they are really nice and friendly and picked up my car accident case right away with no hesitation & got my case done really fast.

-Luis C.

Professional staff and takes care of their clients. Top rated Personal Injury firm and highly suggested. Paralegals are well prepared and very professional at their duties at this firm.

-Stephen M.

I was involved In a car crash and no clue what to do or who to turn to for help. Never knew I could hire a personal injury lawyer to assist me with my injuries and also getting my vehicle fixed. The assistance they provided was awesome. You don’t have to go alone on this rough journey, I’d suggest you call Herman and Herman for assistance you need.

-marquita d.