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I can’t afford legal services. What do I do?

Look no further. Serving over 25,000 clients a year, The Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid (TRLA) organization is the third largest legal services provider in the nation and largest in the state of Texas. There are over 2.6 million residents of Southwest Texas eligible for the services with a ratio … Continue reading

Injuries On the Job Caused by Equipment

Certain types of jobs pose a far higher risk to employees than others. Construction workers, oil rig workers, and miners are just a few of the occupations having a high risk of suffering from injuries. Accidents in the workplace can and do happen all the time. Equipment failure is a … Continue reading

What Is The Law Surrounding Pedestrians in Texas?

There are many legalities that prove to be complex and confusing, especially when they are state-specific. Because the United States is orchestrated in such a way that the federal, state, and local governments have the power to influence legislature, it can often feel overwhelming for the average citizen. How does … Continue reading

Oil Industry Has Most Explosions of Any Industry

The oil industry has seen more fatalities from explosions than any other private industry, according to an Environment & Energy Daily article on WyoFile. More than 10 percent of all job-related fatalities can be directly attributed to oil industry explosions and fires – despite the fact the oil industry only employs approximately one percent … Continue reading

Risks on Texas Roads

The sight of orange cones and caution signs signaling road construction on raods often makes commuters grumble. Work zones signal congestion and delays. However, the alternative is driving on broken-down roads – an unappealing choice for many. Texas is having a difficult time keeping up with the maintenance of the … Continue reading

When to get a Lawyer after an Accident

  As far as when should you hire a lawyer, generally you should hire one immediately. And the reason is, the other person who is the potential defendant is going to notify their insurance carrier and they’re going to go out to the scene of the accident, and they’re going … Continue reading

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Distracted driving is one of the most serious issues affecting public health across the nation, including in the State of Texas. Drivers who text while driving, are engaged in cell phone conversations, answering emails, eating, daydreaming or paying attention to activities within the vehicle pose a risk to everyone else … Continue reading