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Full Coverage or “Fools” Coverage?

A great attorney and friend of mine once used the term “Fools” coverage to describe the act of an insurance company fooling a customer into believing they have more coverage than they actually do because of the usage of the word “Full” coverage.  Unfortunately, I have experienced many incidents when … Continue reading

No Deterrence Yet For Distracted Teen Drivers

Over the past several years, federal legislators, state legislators, educators and safety advocates have launched numerous campaigns designed to teach teens about the hazards associated with distracted driving. Despite these substantial efforts, the rate of distracted driving accidents among teens continues to rise and a recent survey confirms that nearly … Continue reading

Drowsy Driving Behavior Is Surprisingly Common

Most motorists do not intentionally put themselves, their passengers or their fellow travelers in danger. However, motorists become a moving hazard when they doze off behind the wheel. Unfortunately, car accidents caused by drowsy drivers occur all too often. According to a recent study released by the Centers for Disease … Continue reading

How Much is My Auto Accident Worth?

There is really no way to tell exactly what a case is worth until We have investigated it and determined liability and fault The doctors have determined what is wrong with you Of course the first thing you’ve got to do is figure out who is at fault in the … Continue reading

Pedestrian Dangers and Legal Remedies

Walking is good for your health. It is something nearly everyone can do, and it helps people see things and develop relationships that cannot be done while driving. However, pedestrians face unique hazards from other vehicles on the road. This is especially true in urban areas, on weekends and during … Continue reading