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Staying Safe This Memorial Day Holiday

Each year, millions of Americans look forward to the holiday. Often heralded as the unofficial start to summer activities: Memorial Day. Many receive the day off, spend time with family, and enjoy outdoor leisure activities. In many places, Memorial Day is also the marker for aquatic areas like pools, splash … Continue reading

Prepping for Hurricane Season in Texas

Hurricane season is dangerous in any state in the country. Following Hurricane Harvey in 2017, you should be even more vigilant about your hurricane preparation if you live in Texas. Hurricane season in Texas is from June through November, but it’s important to know the proper ways to prepare your … Continue reading

World Ovarian Cancer Day

What is World Ovarian Cancer Day? World Ovarian Cancer Day was established in 2013 by the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition. The day is recognized worldwide on May 8 to raise awareness about ovarian cancer and acknowledge the suffering of people with ovarian cancer and the efforts of their families. World … Continue reading

May is Motorcycle Awareness and National Bike Month

May is Motorcycle Awareness and National Bike Month. National Motorcycle Bike Month is a month-long celebration held annually in the United States to promote motorcycle safety, awareness, and camaraderie among motorcycle enthusiasts. The month of May is designated as National Motorcycle Bike Month, and various events and activities are organized … Continue reading

Hot Car Deaths

In the summer months of Texas temperatures regularly soar into the triple digits. Extreme heat like that is bad enough when you’re outside, however, that type of summer heat can quickly become deadly for children left alone in a car. One of a parent’s worst nightmares could quickly become reality … Continue reading

Fun Things to Do This Summer

This summer, it’s likely that you will want to live it up and soak up the sun even more than in previous summers. After the COVID-19 pandemic shut down much of the festivities you may have been looking forward to in the summer season last year; many feel the pressure … Continue reading

Your Insurance Rates Are Likely Going Up Even If You Didn’t Cause the Accident

Clients often raise serious concerns about using their own insurance after a not-at-fault accident for fear that their insurance company may raise their rates.  Insurance companies are likely to raise your rates after not-at-fault accidents regardless of whether you make a claim or not. The Consumer Federation of America performed … Continue reading

International Female Rider’s Day

The best motorbike crash attorney team wants to remind you that the first Saturday in May is International Female Rider’s Day. International Female Rider’s Day was first established by Vicki Gray in 2007. Her goals were to raise awareness of the growing number of women who ride motorcycles and inspire … Continue reading

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Your favorite Motorcycle Crash attorney wants to remind you May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Statistics have shown that motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in motor vehicle accidents than passenger vehicles. Studies like this show why motorcycle safety awareness is so critical in today’s world. Everyone on … Continue reading