How much can I claim for a bike accident?

The first thing many motorcycle accident victims want to know when speaking to an attorney is what their case is worth. It is a complex question to answer because so many things need to be considered when assigning a potential value to a motorcycle crash case.

The first thing most people will consider is the present cost of their medical bills. As part of that, you must keep in mind your future costs related to medical treatment.

There also should be consideration given to the impact that motorcycle accident injuries will have on a victim’s ability to return to work and earn a living. You may no longer be able to handle the physical demands of your former job. You may have to take a job that pays less than you previously earned. You may claim loss of income or earning capacity among your losses from the accident

One of the major factors when considering the value of a motorcycle accident case concerns fault. A person who was injured because of another driver’s negligence and did not do anything that caused an accident will be in a stronger position than somebody who may have contributed to the crash.