Is there a way to “safely” crash a motorcycle?

While all riders hope that they’ll never have to experience a crash, it is crucial to be prepared and know the techniques that could help them avoid severe injury. Some tips that could preserve your health in a crash, or possibly save your life: 

  • Apply the front and rear brakes to the best of your ability to slow the vehicle down before the crash.
  • If possible, choose the safest and softest spot to go down. 
  • Once you’ve fallen, be sure to let go of the motorcycle to avoid being crushed by it.
  • Tuck in your ams and legs and try to roll as best you can. Keeping them tucked in could help prevent broken bones, as opposed to sticking your arms out to brace for impact. 
  • Try to relax as you fall, to prevent ligament and tendon tears that can happen more easily if your body is tense.