Symptoms of Emotional Abuse at Daycare or School

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Symptoms of Emotional Injury at Daycare or School

While physical abuse and sexual abuse are damaging for children in daycare centers and other child care facilities, emotional abuse can also result in severe damage to children and should be taken just as seriously.

Unfortunately, emotional abuse is also the most likely to go undetected, since there will not be any scars, bruising, or other physical signs of the abuse.

Warning signs of emotional abuse may include age-inappropriate behaviors, behavior extremes, significant changes in weight, nervousness, and behavioral problems such as cruel behavior toward animals or other people.

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At Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C., our daycare injury lawyer takes all forms of abuse seriously and works hard to hold those facilities accountable that cause or allow emotional abuse to happen to the children.

It is important to know the warning signs and to talk with your child regularly about what is going on at his or her facility and keep a close watch for those potential warning signs. If you suspect abuse, talk with an experienced personal injury attorney about your rights and what legal options you have.

Warning Signs of Emotional Injuries in Children

While signs of emotional abuse can be more difficult to detect, they still exist. Indications of emotional abuse can include lack of affection, extreme behaviors, poor communication, acting overly adult-like or infantile, delayed emotional development, unexplained headaches or stomach aches, and unusually scared behavior.

If you think that your child has been abused at daycare or school, it is important to talk with your spouse or partner, as well as other parents whose children belong to the same facility, in order to compare behaviors.

Record any behaviors that are out of the ordinary, and if you still think your child has been abused, take the appropriate steps to report that behavior. That may include contacting child protective services, the department of human services, or local law enforcement.

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