2020 Making Strides Corpus Christi-Cruisin’ Cuz of COVID

Update 10/21/2020

Thanks for participating on this event, the fundraising was a huge success! Here are the photos that were taken during the American Cancer Society “Crusin Cuz of Covid” Scavenger Hunt. Enjoy!


Hosted by Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Corpus Christi

We know that COVID-19 has made all of us change the way we do things, including how we put on events. This year, our Making Strides Corpus Christi event is NOT VIRTUAL and IS HAPPENING, just in a different way! Think “city-wide cruise” with different stops along the way. There will still be a start line and a finish line, and you will do it all from your vehicle!

Anytime between 8am-11am (at your pace and convenience) you will arrive at the start area located in the JC Penney parking lot closest to Staples St. You will drive through, check-in, turn in any money you might have, and you will get a road map that will have “pink pit stops” outlined on it. Visit the “pink pit stops” and participate in different activities while getting your map validated at each stop you attend. There will be prizes, fun, entertainment, and more along the way!

When you are finished or by 3pm, whichever comes first, you will come back to the finish line and turn in your map for a chance to win 1 of 2 experiences donated by our media partners KRIS-TV and Z-95! Prepare yourself for a day to remember. Be sure to sign up online and start your fundraising efforts, because our cancer patients need us more than ever in times such as this and cancer doesn’t stop so neither will we! SEE YOU OCTOBER 17th!

Sign up online today at www.makingstrideswalk.org/corpuschristitx