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33rd Annual Beach Cleanup

The Coastal Bend  Adopt-A-Beach Fall cleanup is coming up on Saturday, September 21, 2019. This twice a year event is aimed at helping keep the beaches clean for the general public as well as keeping nature’s habitat safe for living.

It’s not just in the Corpus area that this happens. There will be an opportunity all along the beach coast for Texans to volunteer to pick up trash in this fun-filled day. The beaches in Texas are some of the most beautiful in the nation and without these cleanup events and people taking responsibility in the appearance of their local beaches, these Texas beaches would begin to lose their sparkle.

Texas beaches have visitors from all over the country and everyone should do their part when they can to help keep it around for years to come where their kids and grandkids can enjoy these same beaches.

Registration begins at 8:30 am and the cleanup is from 9 am to 12 pm. If you would like to sign up as a volunteer and find a location near you go to www.texasadoptabeach.org.

If you have not participated in the past, please look into volunteering for the beach cleanup as there are many many items that get tossed daily by polluters. Coastal cities do what they can to enforce the law, but not everyone is caught, and trash continues to be thrown and pollute our beaches.

For 33 years, twice a year, the cleanups happen and it is simply amazing to witness what is able to be picked up and how much of a difference it makes. A few hours of your time can mean a world of difference. Many animals get trapped and killed by trash and these cleanups are essential to helping those animals stay alive as well.

Let’s make 33 become 34 and have more and more people contribute their part in these cleanups. Since every person has probably enjoyed a beach or two here in the state of Texas, why not take a few minutes to give back and make it cleaner for the next person or for when the next time comes that you want to enjoy the beach because its worth it.

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