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Can One Glass of Wine Make You Too Drunk to Drive?

There are times when you get caught up in the temptation. It’s understandable – and it happens to almost everyone. You sit silently and think about that offer, earlier, of a glass of wine. You know you shouldn’t (since you will be driving back home any minute) but the voice inside you says “its just one glass, what could go wrong?”

If you do give in to the temptation and take up the offer, its right there (with growing a mustache) as one of the greatest misjudgments of all time because, YES, one glass of wine CAN make you too drunk to drive. It’s part of the causes of road accidents across the world.

The script writes itself to be honest and here’s why:

The intoxicating effect of Alcohol in the human body is a subject that is still being heavily researched because of the sheer inconsistencies with results at times. Today, you can drink 3 bottles of beer and seem fine and another day you don’t even know what your mom looks like.

According to a study, in 2014, from the University of California: any content of alcohol, no matter how little, will increase the risk of an accident whilst driving. So why expose yourself to this risk?

The blood alcohol concentration level that is considered legal in many countries is 0.05%. While you may not breach this threshold by taking a glass of wine before driving, there is still every chance of getting intoxicated before you complete your journey home. How?

Studies have shown that a person’s mental state determines how quickly alcohol can impair his/her judgment or coordination. If you are feeling stressed or tired, drinking wine will get you drunk faster than when you are mentally alert.

Furthermore, the constituents of the food a person has consumed earlier in the day also affect the speed of alcohol intoxication.

Other things like weight, physical and medical condition, the type of wine, etc are all factors that affect your sense of judgment after consuming alcohol.

Needless to say, as much as it may seem harmless to gulp down a glass of wine before driving home, its consequence is pretty much unpredictable and you unwittingly place yourself in a position of risk. Also, kill that narrative that ‘people do it all time’. People’s bodies are different and reaction to alcohol is too.

So general public announcement: Try not to drink and drive. Don’t do it. Even if it’s ‘just’ a glass of wine.