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Have you been injured in an accident in Texas? Was someone else’s negligence or recklessness to blame? Don’t let someone else’s poor decisions cost you your health and financial wellbeing. You may be entitled to significant compensation for your injuries, and an experienced injury attorney could help you understand your rights.

If you’ve been harmed due to others’ negligence, an experienced Texas personal injury lawyer at Herrman & Herrman can help seek full compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. We have more than 100 years of combined legal experience helping people get the compensation they deserve after a car accident, slip and fall injury, defective product, medical malpractice incidents, or other preventable harm.

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Why You Need a Texas Personal Injury Law Firm

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you might be tempted to pursue an injury claim on your own. You may believe that you cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Herrman & Herrman handles personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee allows injured people to have qualified legal representation without any upfront costs. Our clients are not charged any legal fee unless our attorneys obtain compensation for the client through an insurance settlement or court award.

Insurance companies have extensive experience pressuring accident victims to accept low-ball settlement offers to limit the insurer’s liability. Don’t try to take on insurance companies alone. You will be at a disadvantage. Turn to a legal team with a long track record of successful verdicts and settlements in cases just like yours.

The Texas personal injury lawyers at Herrman & Herrman have the knowledge and experience to review the facts of your case and offer an honest opinion about your legal rights and what your claim might be worth. If you have received a settlement offer, one of our Texas injury lawyers can evaluate the offer and help you determine whether it is fair compensation for your losses.

Our personal injury attorneys have experience negotiating with insurers and won’t back down when the other side tries tactics to avoid paying you a reasonable settlement. A Texas personal injury lawyer will seek the compensation you need to rebuild your life after the accident.

What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

I would look for a personal injury attorney that just does personal injury. There are lots of lawyers out there, you know they do divorces, they do criminal law, they do wills, they do all of this stuff, and then they all say personal injury also. Generally, you can’t be a jack of all trades, so you really want a lawyer who just does personal injury.

I think the best way to decide who is good and who is not good is to look at the reviews that people leave them. Go to google and google them, go to yelp, go to different review sites and just see what the clients say about them. And then just ask around in the community and just ask other lawyers what they think about the personal injury lawyer.

The Top Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Attorney

If you’ve been involved in an accident, hiring a car accident attorney might be the furthest thing from your mind. Between expensive car repairs, time away from work, and possible doctor’s visits, you’ve got enough on your plate.

This is precisely why many people choose to involve an attorney—to alleviate some of the burdens that result from an accident and to be compensated for your damages.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, you have two options: tackle your claim yourself or rely on an experienced lawyer to handle it for you.

Take a look at four reasons why it makes sense to let a lawyer handle your accident claim:

1. Experience and Expertise

There’s nothing simple about law, especially when it comes to automobile accidents. Without legal experience, you’re at the mercy of the insurance company and their highly paid lawyers to give you a fair settlement.

Keep in mind that insurance companies are in business to make money. They want to protect their own interests first, which means paying out as little as possible.

An experienced car accident attorney ensures you get a level playing field and get treated fairly.

2. Deal with Insurance Companies the Right Way

Insurance companies don’t make it easy to settle your claim, and it’s not by mistake.

They know you’ve been through a lot, especially if you’re injured. Because systems can be complicated, they’re hoping you’ll take their first offer so they can write the check and close your case.

Hiring a car accident lawyer can help you present yourself as a person, not a case number. Your lawyer will handle all the hurdles set forth by the insurance company on your behalf so you can focus on your recovery.

3. Help Prove Liability

A successful car accident lawsuit hinges on whether you can prove liability in court. To do this, you’ll need evidence from accident reports, witness testimony, and other pieces of data to support your claim.

Lawyers are skilled at collecting and presenting this data to give your case the best chance of winning.

4. Increase the Value of Your Claim

You may already know that the first offer the insurance company makes is never the best, but how much money would make it fair?

Car accident claims aren’t easy to value, which could put you at a disadvantage.

Medical bills, car repairs or replacement, and missed time from work can all add up. If you’re unable to go back to your job due to injury, future income loss should be factored in.

In addition, the pain and suffering you face should also be accounted for in your settlement.

Using a lawyer can help ensure you get the highest amount for your claim.

There are several reasons why an attorney, and more specifically Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C., is essential to your case:

herrman-why-attorney-gather-evidence1. The attorney will fight diligently to gather all evidence on the claim;



herrman-why-attorney-personal-injury-law2. The attorney that you choose needs to be experienced in personal injury law so that he or she knows the process inside and out;


herrman-why-attorney-value-to-claim3. With an attorney involved the insurance company is much more likely to attach the correct value to the claim. Without an attorney, the insurance company will STEAM ROLL you into taking a LOW offer. The attorney will fight to make sure you get all the compensation you deserve.


herrman-why-attorney-lawsuit4. If needed, the attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf to preserve your case;



herrman-why-attorney-money5. If needed, Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C., will provide client advances for money or shelter. This is a case-by-case determination.


herrman-why-attorney-experience6. EXPERIENCE IS KEY. Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C., has been in the business of personal injury law for 25 years. We know the laws, we know the players in the game and we provide expert legal advice all throughout the country.


This is a finicky business, and without a guide to help you through the process, you will be taken advantage of. The insurance companies want to make a profit, they do not want to do the right thing. If the insurance companies did the right thing, I would not have a job, remember that.  The insurance companies making billions of dollars a year are the bad guys, and without an attorney, you will become another victim in their game.

Directions, Parking & Accessibility

We believe in providing injured people convenient access to an attorney. We have offices across the state to best serve our clients. Here are a few of our locations to consider:

Brownsville: 855 E. Harrison St. Brownsville, TX 78520

Corpus Christi:1201 3rd Street. Corpus Christi, TX 78404

Corpus Christi – South Side: 5702 S Staples St. Ste. F-5, Corpus Christi, TX 78413

McAllen: 4121 N 23rd Street. McAllen, TX 78504

San Antonio: 8122 Datapoint Drive, Suite 816, San Antonio, TX 78229

Houston: 11000 Richmond Avenue, Suite 180, Houston, TX 77042

Fort Worth1500 N Main Street, Suite 110, Ft. Worth, TX 76164

Services We offer

At Herrman & Herrman, our attorneys are singularly focused on representing personal injury clients in Texas. Our firm has office locations in McAllen, San Antonio, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi South Side, Houston, and Ft. Worth.

We have bilingual, English- and Spanish-speaking staff to communicate with our clients in their preferred language.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, call Herrman & Herrman. If you call from the accident scene, our firm can dispatch our Accident Investigative Team to begin gathering and preserving evidence to explain how your injuries occurred and who should be financially liable for your losses.

Our Practice Areas in Texas

Our Texas personal injury lawyers help clients who have suffered injuries in a wide variety of accidents.

We can help you if you have been harmed by:

  • Car accidents – Our lawyers have extensive experience handling car accident cases. We will work to identify the party or parties at fault for the crash and build a case to demonstrate persuasively how the parties caused the accident and your injuries. We will seek fair and full compensation through a negotiated settlement or at trial if necessary.
  • Truck accidents – Thousands of large commercial trucks travel the roads of Texas every single day. Unfortunately, careless truck drivers and trucking companies that disregard safety put innocent people at risk of serious injuries. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, let our experienced Texas personal injury lawyers stand up to the trucking companies and insurers on your behalf.
  • Motorcycle accidents – Motorcycle riders often suffer grievous injuries in crashes caused by other motorists. Too many motorcycle accidents in Corpus Christi are caused by careless drivers who don’t look for motorcycle riders or violate their right of way. Our personal injury lawyers will work to cut through the bias and stigma against motorcycle riders. Our goal is to seek the financial compensation that you’ll need to recover from a serious motorcycle accident and injuries such as bone fractures, road rash, or a traumatic brain injury.
  • Product liability – Product manufacturers have a legal obligation to make products that are safe for their intended uses and to warn consumers of any risks that may come with the product. When products have design or manufacturing defects or undisclosed dangers, the product manufacturer may be legally responsible for injuries suffered by consumers. Our attorneys can help you evaluate whether you have a valid product liability claim.
  • Brain injury – Brain injuries can leave accident victims with disabilities that leave them unable to work or to perform many tasks of daily living. Seeking compensation for a brain injury suffered in an accident often proves incredibly complex. The brain injury survivor may seek compensation for anticipated future medical care as well as the medical care already provided. Our personal injury lawyers can help you through the difficult recovery process following a brain injury and will fight to make sure you have the resources you need.
  • Spinal injury – Spinal cord injuries could cost millions of dollars of care over the course of the victim’s lifetime, especially when those injuries result in partial or complete paralysis such as paraplegia or quadriplegia. If you or your loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury, you deserve compassionate legal representation. Our attorney can help you determine whether you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injury and expenses related to living with the disability such as making a home more accessible.
  • Wrongful death – If you have lost a loved one due to the negligent or reckless actions of another party, your family deserves to seek accountability and compensation from those at fault for the wrongful death. Our caring and dedicated attorneys can help guide you and your family through this difficult and painful time and seek justice for your loved one.

Why You Can Trust Our Personal Injury Law Firm

You have many law firms to choose from when you have a personal injury claim, but you should choose carefully. Experience matters.

At Herrman & Herrman, our Texas personal injury lawyers have over 100 years of combined legal experience. Over that time, we’ve successfully obtained financial compensation for clients in more than 20,000 cases.

We take our responsibility to our clients seriously. We work to help clients recover financially and personally after a devastating accident. Our firm is always prepared to work as long and as hard as necessary to get the results our clients need.

Our firm is committed to providing you with the skilled legal representation you and your case deserve, regardless of your ability to afford an attorney. We work on a contingency fee basis, providing experienced legal representation with no upfront cost to our clients. Our interests are entirely aligned. We won’t receive a legal fee and until we win your case.

Contact Our Texas Personal Injury Law Firm Today for Help with Your Case

If you’ve been hurt in an accident caused by the carelessness, recklessness, or willful actions of another party, you have the right to demand answers and fair compensation for the harm you’ve suffered. The trial lawyers at Herrman & Herrman are here to help.

Contact our Texas personal injury lawyers today for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your rights and legal options.