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¿Qué Hacer si se ve Involucrado en un Accidente Automovilístico con Peatones?

Los peatones enfrentan un cierto nivel de peligro todos los días, incluso cuando usan aceras y otras áreas designadas para el tránsito peatonal. Siempre existe el riesgo de verse involucrado en un peligroso accidente automovilístico que involucre a un peatón. Los accidentes automovilísticos con peatones son uno de los tipos … Continue reading

What to Do If You’re in a Pedestrian-Involved Car Accident?

Pedestrians face a certain danger level every day, even when they use sidewalks and other designated foot traffic areas. There is always a risk of being in a dangerous pedestrian-involved auto accident. Pedestrian-involved car accidents are one of the most dangerous types of car accidents possible. Considering that pedestrians are … Continue reading

Pedestrian killed in crash on Blanco Road

SAN ANTONIO, TX – According to KSAT, a pedestrian man was killed Friday night while crossing Blanco Road. The accident took place at the intersection of Blanco Road and Lee Hall Street on the North Side. The man, who was reportedly in his 50s was pronounced dead at the scene … Continue reading

Pedestrians Motorcyclists and Horseback Riders in San Antonio

In San Antonio, pedestrians, and motorcyclists, and horseback riders are considered vulnerable road users. So those who aren’t vulnerable road users are motor vehicle operators. Roads can be scary for vulnerable road users, but ordinances lay out the rules. Because safety is a priority, extra precautions are made. Ordinances consist … Continue reading