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Category: Workers Compensation

What are my legal rights if I am injured on the job?

In the past, when an employee sustained an on-the-job injury he or she would simply file a workers’ compensation claim and receive benefits covering medical expenses and a reasonable percentage of lost wages. Most employers under state laws are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. It’s a “no-fault” system, meaning … Continue reading

Common Workplace Injuries in the Oil Industry

Transportation accidents are the most common cause of fatal workplace injuries in the oil and gas extraction industries. This type of accident was responsible for causing close to 50 percent of the industry’s workplace fatalities in 2011. The next most common type of accident involves workers being struck by an … Continue reading

Common Types of Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents are some of the most unfortunate, as they often result in personal injuries. This type of accident and workplace accidents can also put employees out of work or out of a job, depending on their injuries. Industrial accidents are commonly the subject of workers’ compensation claims and cases. … Continue reading

Compensación Laboral Debido A Coronavirus En Texas: ¿Puedo Reclamarla?

Muchos trabajadores de Texas que han sido considerados esenciales y continúan reportandose a sus trabajos se preguntan si recibirán una compensación laboral si contraen COVID-19. Desafortunadamente, como muchos aspectos de la pandemia por coronavirus, esta es una pregunta sin una respuesta clara en este momento. Para calificar para la compensación … Continue reading

Workers’ Comp Due To Coronavirus in Texas: Can I Claim?

Many Texas workers who have been deemed essential and continue to report to their jobs wonder whether they’ll receive workers’ compensation if they contract the COVID-19 coronavirus. Unfortunately, like many aspects of the coronavirus pandemic, this is a question without a clear answer at the moment. To qualify for workers’ … Continue reading

Workplace Injuries & Workers Comp Benefits in Brownsville, TX

If you’ve been hurt on the job in Brownsville, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if your employer carries workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation provides benefits such as paid medical care to full- and part-time employees who are injured in work-related accidents, regardless of who was at fault. … Continue reading