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Common Types of Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents are some of the most unfortunate, as they often result in personal injuries. This type of accident and workplace accidents can also put employees out of work or out of a job, depending on their injuries. Industrial accidents are commonly the subject of workers’ compensation claims and cases. If you want to avoid industrial accidents, it’s important to understand the different common types of industrial accidents.

8 Common Causes of Workplace Accidents

  • Lifting. Many employees are prone to sprain, strain or tear a muscle by virtue of lifting an object that is too heavy for them to lift on their own.
  • Fatigue. Failing to take a break is another common cause of accidents.
  • Dehydration.
  • Poor Lighting.
  • Hazardous Materials.
  • Acts of Workplace Violence.
  • Trips and Falls.
  • Stress.

Different Common Types of Industrial Accidents

Slip and Falls

Slip, and falls are some of the most common workplace or industrial accidents. Most employees in risky areas for slip and falls should be issued a pair of nonslip shoes or should be required to wear a pair of nonslip shoes. These accidents can occur when areas like hallways or stairs are covered in viscose liquids.

Falling Objects

Falling object accidents are just that: incidents wherein objects fall and strike employees. These can be extremely dangerous depending on how heavy the object is and where on a person it falls. This type of industrial accident may be common in warehouses or stock rooms where items are kept high above arms’ reach.

Chemical Burns and Exposures

Chemical burns and exposures may occur in industries and factories dealing with production or other scientific processes. Burns and exposures can result from improper storage of dangerous chemicals. Not to mention the transportation of those chemicals, or the lack of safe disposal of these chemicals.

Improper Lifting and Overexertion

Improper lifting and overexertion industrial accidents occur when employees fail to lift heavy objects safely. This could be due to improper form or a result of employees attempting to lift objects that should be “team lifted” or lifted with the help of another team member.

If you suffered an injury because of an industrial accident or workplace accident, you might be eligible for workers’ compensation or other compensation. Contact an attorney in your area who has experience in industrial accidents and a successful record in personal injury cases.

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