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Common Injuries From a Rear-Ended Car Accident

A Rear-ended car accident is the most common type of accident that is recorded worldwide, especially in a city with heavy traffic. Eight out of every ten car accidents happen to be a rear-ended collision, and the outcome is usually severe. It happens unexpectedly especially in a situation where there is heavy traffic. It happens when the car in front stops suddenly, the car coming behind doesn’t see it in time, and it runs into the front car with speed. This can cause extremely severe injuries or minor injuries if you are lucky. However, below are the various types of injuries that are commonly caused by a rear-ended collision.


Also known as a neck sprain, is the most common type of rear-ended injury. This occurs when your car is suddenly hit by another car from behind. With the force, your neck would be forced to move front and back quickly and it causes a sprain in your neck. This could also affect your shoulder because it has moved faster than usual.

Face and head injury

Another common rear-end injury is the face and head. With the force that comes from the collision, your head and face can forcefully hit the dashboard, steering, or window and this might cause severe damage. You can come out with a broken jaw, nose, or head, and sometimes the head injury might lead to severe brain injury which is more dangerous. Although, in this case, your airbag is supposed to protect you but sometimes the force of the airbag contributes to the injury. 

Spinal cord injury

When you have a rear-end collision, it can affect your spinal cord by causing a bulge in your spinal cord. When the spinal cord is injured one might not be able to use their legs for a while or even a long time. The spinal cord injury affects both your hands and legs and the healing process might take a while.

Knee injury

Your whole body moves when you are involved in a rear-end collision and your knee can hit the lower part of your dashboard thereby causing either a light bruise or a complete dislocation.

Broken bones

Broken bones are also very common with rear-ended injuries. As a result of the force from the accident, your whole body moves and could hit hard on anything which causes your bones to get broken. Sometimes seatbelts also contribute to injuries in this kind of accident because with the force in which you moved, you can end up with bruises, broken bones, or even effects on your chest.

Drivers should be very careful while driving because most accidents that occur are rear-ended collision and this isn’t good for the society because it leaves the victims with injuries. Listed above are the various types of rear-ended injuries for the sake of those who are not aware. However, such injuries can be avoided if we can drive carefully and safely.