Motor Vehicle Accidents on I-69C

Motor vehicle accidents on I-69C

A short stretch of Interstate-69C in Edinburg is considered the deadliest section of road in Texas.

I-69C is a north-south highway in Hidalgo County that runs from Pharr, TX, to the South Texas International Airport located in the city of Edinburg. The road circumvents the Edinburg city center to the east. Once completed, I-69C will extend farther north to I-69W/U.S. 59 near George West, Texas.

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Where Is I-69C?

Technically, I-69C is part of U.S. 281. However, this stretch of road has been adopted into the Interstate highway system despite not currently being linked to Interstate 69 itself. The “C” in I-69C stands for “central.” I-69C is the central route of the I-69 Interstate highway system. 

I-69C shares the alignment of U.S. 281, which passes east of the city of Edinburg. In 2012, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) approved plans for a 13.5 mile stretch of U.S. 281 to be upgraded and designated I-69C. 

In 2015, the Federal Highway Administration officially approved I-69C once the existing highway was improved to comply with Interstate standards. 

Construction on I-69C

While I-69C currently runs about 18 miles from I-2 in Pharr to FM 490 in Edinburg, it will eventually extend north to George West, where it will meet I-69W/U.S. 59 near Interstate 37.

Construction on a 44-mile extension of the interstate from Edinburg to Falfurrias is expected to begin in coming years. It is projected to cost $750 million. This section of highway will run in alignment with the U.S. 281 right of way. About 7.5 additional miles will be added to the Interstate from FM 490 to SH 186, which will require upgrades to U.S. 281 to interstate standards. This project is scheduled to begin in 2023. 

Between 2024 and 2029, construction is set to commence on a portion of U.S. 281 north to the Brooks County Line. This will involve upgrades to the existing highway to bring it up to interstate standards. 

Another ongoing construction project involving I-69C includes an interchange between I-2 and I-69C in the Pharr area. When completed, the interchange will have two-lane connectors traveling in all four directions, improvements to lane ramps, and additional lanes on I-2.

Why Is I-69C Considered One of the Most Dangerous Highways in Texas?

Edinburg is part of the populous South Texas metro area that includes McAllen and Mission. This part of Texas is home to more than 868,000 people as of 2019. Because of continued growth in Edinburg and the surrounding cities, this section of I-69C receives heavy traffic each day. It has a high rate of fatal traffic accidents given its short length.

Other highways in Texas, including I-35 in Austin, I-10 in downtown Houston, and Stemmons Freeway in Dallas, all see high daily traffic volumes as well. It is possible that the primary reason why this short section of I-69C is so dangerous is due to its layout.

The U.S. 281 Business Loop links up with I-69C from the south. Merging traffic traveling at varying speeds and lane-changing on this stretch of roadway is likely to contribute to many of the accidents in this area. The speed limit on I-69C is 75 mph, which is higher than most highways in Texas. Drivers coming off the U.S. 281 Business Loop are likely traveling at 55 mph if they’re abiding by the speed limit. 

The rapid increase in the speed limit results in faster drivers encountering slower drivers merging onto I-69C from the Business Loop. Drivers of large trucks often cause crashes by failing to reduce their speed in anticipation of merging with slower traffic. Although speeding drivers commonly get into accidents, drivers traveling under the speed limit also cause crashes. 

Drivers in Edinburg should call Herrman & Herrman if they are injured in a collision on I-69C and another driver was at fault. Our attorneys are ready to help you understand your legal options for pursuing compensation after a crash caused by a negligent driver.

How to Stay Safe on Dangerous Roads

If you regularly travel on I-69C, it is important to exercise extra caution. Consider the following tips for staying safe and avoiding accidents on dangerous roads: 

  • Don’t rush – Drivers who are in a rush are more likely to speed or make a driving error caused by stress leading to a crash. The best way to ensure you are not in a rush is to leave early for appointments. Whether you are taking the kids to school or you have a doctor’s appointment or a business meeting, leaving a few minutes early can keep you from feeling rushed. That way, if you encounter traffic bottlenecks, you will be less likely to make bad judgment calls that get you into an accident. 
  • Don’t get distracted – It is easy to get distracted by any number of activities while driving. Distracted driving occurs when you take your eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, or attention off the task of driving. Avoid texting, talking on the phone, eating and drinking, turning to speak with passengers, adjusting the radio, calibrating a GPS, or reaching for items while you are driving. All of your attention should be focused on the road to stay alert for sudden changes in traffic. 
  • Maintain your vehicle – If you have a motor vehicle, you should make sure that it is properly maintained. This includes changing the oil roughly every 3,000 miles, checking your tire pressure, replacing broken headlights, and watching for the check engine light. A mechanical failure could result in a car breakdown or an accident. 
  • Check your blind spots – Improper lane changes are a common cause of accidents on Texas highways. Don’t simply rely on your rearview mirrors to check for traffic. Briefly turn your head to check your blind spots for other motorists and motorcycle riders before moving into an adjacent lane. Smaller vehicles and motorcycles can disappear from view in blind spots. If you try to switch lanes without turning your head to check for a vehicle in the blind spot, you could cause a sideswipe accident. Anytime you prepare to change lanes, make sure first that it is safe to do so. 
  • Don’t drive while fatigued – Ensure that you are well-rested anytime you get behind the wheel. Fatigue can cause impaired judgment and delayed recognition of potential accident situations. You may not have time to react appropriately if you are driving while drowsy and you encounter a road hazard. Fatigue inhibits a driver’s ability to focus on operating a vehicle. 
  • Don’t speed – Speed is a contributing factor to many accidents on I-69C. On the one hand, you should avoid traveling too far under the speed limit. If you are traveling at 55 mph and a car comes up behind you going 75 mph, a rear-end collision may occur. Speeding drivers need more time and space to slow down or come to a stop if traffic conditions change, making a crash more likely. 
  • Watch out for road construction – Given all of the road construction projects that are ongoing or planned on I-69C, it is important to remain vigilant when driving through highway work zones. Construction zones contain all sorts of hazards that can be dangerous to motorists. Detours, uneven pavement, sudden traffic slowdowns, and lane changes are common hazards. You should slow down and comply with the work zone speed limit to account for potential hazards.

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