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Large, high-profile drug manufacturers often put profits over safety. Whether through negligence or intentional acts, they introduce drugs into the marketplace that are harmful and deadly. In many cases, the defect is not discovered until someone is seriously injured or someone has passed away.

Taking immediate action is vital in proving that a drug is defective. The attorneys at Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C., combine experience and legal knowledge with dedication and diligence in their handling of complex personal injury claims.

When a so-called “safe” drug is discovered to be dangerous due to side effects or interactions with other medication, immediate action must be taken. Contact us at our Corpus Christi office at (361)792-2358 or our McAllen office at (956)622-4200.

How A Dangerous Drug Attorney Should Handle Dangerous Drug Litigation

Upon taking a defective drug case, we begin a thorough investigation into the injury or death suffered and how the tragedy occurred. “Black box” warning label information on the packaging listing side effects provides a certain amount of protection for the manufacturer. However, additional negative reactions could occur as well. Some clients come to us having taken a drug before any side effects were noted.

Our network of medical experts helps us get to the facts of a defective drug case. Fact-finding cannot only hold manufacturers accountable but also maximize compensation for our clients, putting them on the road to recovery.

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