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Can Social Media Be Bad For My Personal Injury Case?

The number of social media users continue to grow rapidly, partly thanks to the fact that all a lot of folks all over the world now have access to mobile technologies that allow them to do so, and also partly because it is a great way to stay in touch with your buddies and family, connect to people everywhere and make new friend, share your experiences with people and learn about theirs.

However, whatever you do or post on social media can potentially make or break you, there is no going around this fact especially if have filed a personal injury lawsuit. So, what does this mean for you? Thankfully, you do not have to go cold turkey and stay off your social media pages while the case is still on or is starting, even though it isn’t the worse idea, but you must be careful and be smart about what you post.

Why Should I Be Cautious?

For starters, if you have taken an individual, group, a government agency, or organization to a civil court over a personal injury case, it means that you have suffered an injury or damages that the defendant is possibly legally responsible for, and they or their insurance company will be asked by the court to pay medical bills and or including monetary compensation. So, just as you will be represented by a personal injury attorney and you will be going up against their attorney and an attorney representing the insurance company.

How can They Use Your Social Media Against You?

  1. The Opposing Lawyers Carry Out Research

Any lawyer worth his/her salt will do what they can to win the case and typically this involves a lot of researches into your personal life and even your social media profiles, which means they could use your social media post against you.

  1. To Discredit Your Testimony

If your case is based on bodily harm caused to you and you post photos of you being active and performing activities you shouldn’t be able to, this could be very harmful to your case and could even destroy it.

  1. What Your Family and Friends Post

During this time, even the things the people close (who could be potential witnesses) post on their profiles could be used to ruin your case, by posting pictures or making statements about the case that could be damaging.

However, while you should always talk to your attorney before making any post or being extremely cautious about and also dissuade your family and friends from making posts related to the lawsuit on social media, it isn’t all bad. Given the number of people in the community that are also on social media, used the right way, you could use your pages to garner support and speak in your favor which could have a positive influence on the case. But remember, be responsible with your posts and you might come out on top.