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How to Drive Safely When the Roads Are Wet

During inclement weather, especially rain, the roads can be slick and unpredictable. Plus, if it’s a heavy rain, there may be limited visibility, making driving even more difficult. When possible, it may be best to wait out the rain and delay your drive until conditions are clearer. However, if it’s not possible for you to wait out the rain, here are some of the top tips for driving on wet roads and avoiding hydroplaning.

Make Sure You Maintain Your Vehicle

Before you’re ever in the situation of driving on a wet road, it’s important to make sure you’re bringing in your vehicle for oil changes, tire rotations, and more. Having a “healthy,” well-kept car will help you respond better to dangers on the road.

Slow Down

In any inclement weather, especially when your visibility is compromised and the road is physically slippery, it’s important to slow down and take your time driving. Driving more slowly allows you more time to respond to potential issues on the road and other unsavory surprises.

Turn Off Cruise Control

Cruise control is a great feature, though it is best used on dry roads. It’s important to be able to change the speed of your car when you are driving in the rain, as its more possible that you can lose control of your vehicle and need to reduce your speed. Stepping off of or reducing pressure on  the accelerator pedal is not possible when you are using cruise control, so it’s best to avoid it when driving on wet streets and roads.

Avoid “Puddles” and Other Standing Water

When you’re driving on wet roads, it’s best to avoid standing water or what may look like menial puddles, as they could actually be standing water. Driving through standing water could damage the undercarriage of your vehicle and cause lasting issues mechanically.

Know-How to Respond to Hydroplaning

If you feel yourself skidding on the water, or hydroplaning, it’s best to stay calm. Then, turn your steering wheel in the direction you are sliding in order to realign your vehicle. Slowly drive away to a safe point and pull over to check for damages once your car reconnects with the road.

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