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Brain injuries can cause significant disruption in the function of the brain. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can affect the way you think, the way you move, and the way you experience emotions. Depending on the nature and severity of the injury, the impact that a brain injury on your life can vary significantly.

While some mild injuries will heal within a matter of months, others require long-term treatment and care. In particularly severe cases, the victim may be unable to work or live independently.

The Brownsville brain injury attorneys at Herrman & Herrman have seen the impact that head injuries can have on the lives of victims and their families.

If someone else’s negligent actions or inaction caused you or a loved one to suffer a serious brain injury, we want to help you hold the at-fault parties accountable and pursue the maximum compensation that you deserve.

Our team has recovered millions in compensation for injured clients throughout Texas, including seven-figure settlements for catastrophic injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, such as a concussion or TBI, you can rely on the brain injury attorneys of Herrman & Herrman to build a strong case for the maximum compensation available for your injury. Call us today at 361-245-1263 or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation so we can discuss all of your legal options.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, involves any trauma to the head that causes a disruption in the normal functioning of the brain. It is an injury that affects how the brain works. These injuries can range from minor to catastrophic, depending on the damage to the brain. A TBI can occur as a result of:

  • Blunt force – A blow or force to the head may cause the brain to move around inside the skull, resulting in bruising or bleeding of the brain. Blunt force trauma can lead to a coup-contrecoup injury, which is a type of TBI in which the brain hits both sides of the inside of the skull.
  • Penetration – An object that penetrates the skull may destroy brain tissue and cause a brain bleed.
  • Violent shaking – Violent shaking can also cause a coup-contrecoup injury or damage to brain tissue.

As with any injury, TBIs vary from mild to severe with a range of symptoms:

  • Mild TBI – Symptoms may include temporary loss of consciousness, confusion and delirium, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, insomnia, and speech problems. Mild TBI victims may suffer from sensitivity to light, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, and loss of taste or smell. Victims may also suffer from memory loss, mood swings, anxiety, irritability, and depression.
  • Moderate to severe TBI – In addition to those listed above, the symptoms may include loss of consciousness from several minutes to several hours, persistent painful headache, vomiting, seizures, convulsions, dilated pupils, numbness in extremities, and loss of coordination and motor skills. Victims also can suffer serious cognitive impairments such as speech disorders, mood swings, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

While victims who have a concussion or a mild TBI typically recover over time, those with moderate TBI usually require a variety of therapies. Severe TBI victims can be permanently disabled.

Brain injuries may involve anything from a minor bump on the head to a severe brain injury. Common causes of brain injuries include:

Our knowledgeable Brownsville injury attorneys have successfully helped other TBI victims and their families get justice and compensation. We will thoroughly investigate the accident, determine which party or parties are liable, and will evaluate the impact the accident has had and will have on your life and livelihood moving forward.

Herrman & Herrman will seek a settlement that takes into account all your losses and needs moving forward. If the negligent party and their insurance company refuse to accept responsibility and pay you a reasonable amount, we won’t be afraid to take them to court after discussing the situation with you.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident, sporting accident, or another sudden impact, you should always be on the lookout for signs of potential traumatic brain injury, or TBI. Here are six signs to keep in mind.

  1. Loss of Consciousness

Someone who has had a traumatic brain injury may fall in and out of consciousness after their collision. Concussions often cause this specific symptom of brain injury.

  1. Persistent Headache

Headaches are unfortunately a common problem of everyday life. However, having persistent headaches after a traumatic accident or large fall can be a sign of something deeper going on. If persistent headaches continue or worsen over time, you should seek medical attention.

  1. Confusion

Confusion or disorientation following an injury or fall can point to a larger brain injury. People experiencing confusion may have trouble stinging together sentences or doing everyday tasks. If someone’s confusion does not get better with time, it could be a sign of brain damage.

  1. Memory Loss

If someone is experiencing memory loss that is associated with brain damage, it is likely to manifest as more than simply being a bit forgetful throughout a hectic day. It is more likely that their memory loss would be larger chunks of time or periods of “blackout” in their memories. Memory loss is a serious symptom of brain injury or damage.

  1. Slurring or Slow Speech

If someone who has just been in an accident or sports injury experiences slurred or slowing speech, it can be a symptom of brain damage from that incident. These speech anomalies can come in different forms, so it is important to pay attention to your friend’s speech to correctly ascertain what is happening.

  1. Mood Swings

Brain damage can change the way people interact with each other and the world, depending on the type and the severity of the injury. This is more than simply being emotional, this is drastic changes in a person’s behavior.

Long-Term Effects of TBI

In addition to the symptoms that show up in the days after the accident, traumatic brain injuries can have long-term or permanent effects. A brain injury can impair an individual’s ability to perform their job duties and take part in daily activities. The long-term effects of a TBI may include:

  • Physical impairments – TBIs can cause motor deficits and disabilities ranging from uncontrolled movements to loss of motor skills and paralysis. TBI victims may have difficulty talking, walking, or swallowing. They may also have trouble controlling bladder and bowel functions. Some of these impairments may require the use of a walker or wheelchair.
  • Behavioral effects – TBIs can cause an individual to behave differently, causing irritability, aggression, depression, and other emotions. These issues can affect a victim’s ability to maintain relationships and can cause difficulty when taking part in social activities.
  • Cognitive disabilities – TBIs are known to cause memory loss, confusion, impulsivity, problems with thinking, and loss of focus and attention. These impairments can affect a person’s ability to perform at work.
  • Communication troubles – TBIs can cause slurred speech, difficulty understanding speech, as well as problems with writing and reading comprehension.
  • Vision and hearing difficulties – After a TBI, you may partially or totally lose your vision or hearing. Other symptoms include double vision, blurred vision, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and sensitivity to sound and light.

How much compensation can I receive for a TBI?

If you or someone close to you has suffered a traumatic brain injury due to someone else’s negligence, you could be eligible to recover compensation including payment for:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Occupational therapy and other forms of rehabilitation
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning potential
  • Other expenses
  • Pain and suffering

Because no two brain injury claims are alike, it’s impossible to estimate the exact value of your claim. A skilled brain injury attorney will be able to assess the facts surrounding your injury, the amount of insurance coverage available, and your total damages.

Determining the value of a TBI claim often requires help from doctors, nurses, therapists, and other medical experts. Financial experts are often needed to build a well-rounded case. These specialists can help establish how a TBI can lead to long-term complications as well as reduced capacity for earnings, productivity, and enjoyment of life.

At Herrman & Herrman, our Brownsville brain injury lawyers will help you seek the maximum compensation for your injuries. During your initial consultation, we will review the details of your injury and discuss the legal process for a personal injury claim.

This will give you the information needed to decide how to proceed with your claim and what you can expect along the way. Our personal injury attorneys will remain available throughout the legal process. We want to make sure all your questions are answered and that you get the medical care you need.

Who is liable for my TBI injuries?

When you suffer a brain injury due to the fault of another party, the responsible party or parties may be held accountable by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Any person or entity whose negligent or reckless actions or inactions caused your TBI could be liable for your injuries.

Possible defendants in a TBI case include:

  • Motorists
  • Truck drivers or trucking companies
  • Property owners
  • Manufacturers of defective products or equipment
  • Medical professionals
  • Amusement park operators
  • Sports leagues, coaches, or administrative organizations
  • Individuals who are guilty of assault or other intentional acts

Keep in mind that Texas uses a modified comparative fault standard. That means that you would be barred from collecting damages if you are 51% or more at fault for your TBI. However, if you are 50% or less at fault, you can still seek compensation for the harm you’ve suffered, even if your actions partly contributed to the incident. In these situations, our attorneys work to prove that the other party has the majority of the fault for causing the injury.

You have two years from the date of your TBI to file a personal injury lawsuit in Texas. Be sure to contact an experienced injury attorney for help right away.

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