Accidents on Highway 83

Accidents on highway 83

U.S. Highway 83 runs north-south from the Mexico border to the border with Canada. More than 900 miles of US 83 stretch across Texas from Brownsville to Perryton. The longest highway in Texas, Highway 83 is known as the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Highway. Because of its length, the highway is a major north-south thoroughfare and is one of the most dangerous in the Lone Star State.

At Herrman & Herrman, our Texas car accident attorneys frequently handle cases involving serious accidents that occurred on U.S. Highway 83. 

If you have been injured in a Highway 83 accident and another driver caused the crash, you may be entitled to seek significant compensation for your medical bills and related losses. Call the dedicated car accident attorneys at Herrman & Herrman or contact us online to learn more about our services. We offer a free case consultation to review your accident and discuss how our experienced Texas injury attorneys can help you. 

Fatal Accidents That Have Occurred on Highway 83 in Texas

Hundreds of accidents occur along U.S. Highway 83 every year in Texas. Some of them prove to be fatal. The four following Highway 83 accidents from 2021 left ten people dead.

Pedestrian Fatality in South Laredo Accident (04/12/21)

In the early hours of April 13, 2021, a 32-year-old pedestrian was struck by a vehicle and killed while crossing the intersection of Mangana Hein Road and Highway 83 in south Laredo. The Laredo Police Department (LPD) reportedly suspected the victim was an undocumented immigrant attempting to cross the highway. Pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents have increased significantly in recent years and account for one in five fatal traffic accidents in Texas. Laredo police stated that accidents are common in remote areas of Highway 83, which is very dark before sunrise.

Two Fatalities in a Zapata Head-on Collision (09/03/21)

On September 3, 2021, a young woman and a Zapata father died from fatal injuries in a head-on collision on Highway 83. Authorities say that 20-year-old Melanie Valenzuela was traveling north on 83 when she merged into a southbound lane in an attempt to pass another vehicle traveling north. Her vehicle collided head-on with a Ford truck, and Valenzuela died at the scene. The driver of the truck, Albelardo Dominguez Jr., and his son, Abelardo Dominguez III, were both critically injured in the crash. Later that same day, Albelardo Dominguez Jr. was reported dead from his crash-related injuries.

Four Fatalities in a La Pryor Rollover (09/26/21)

Around 1:30 am on September 26, 2021, four people in a white Camaro headed north on 83 toward La Pryor were killed in a rollover accident. Reports say a local police officer was in pursuit of the vehicle on Highway 83 near FM 3292 when it rolled over and caught fire. A ruptured gas tank added prevented emergency responders from dousing the flames before all four occupants suffered fatal injuries. Officials were forced to use hydraulic rescue tools to extract the victims, who were pronounced dead at the scene.

Three Fatalities in a Laredo Accident (11/13/21)

On November 13, 2021, a young man driving a black Nissan SUV crashed into a red Dodge SUV in Laredo. The accident occurred before midnight at the corner of Highway 83 and Lomas Del Sur. Nine people were involved in the accident, and three people were killed, including two passengers of the at-fault driver of the Nissan. 

Common Causes of Accidents on Highway 83

Nearly all the U.S. Highway 83 accident cases we handle at Herrman & Herrman involve at least one of the following common causes:

  • Distracted or inattentive driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Drowsy driving and falling asleep at the wheel
  • Reckless driving, aggressive driving, or road rage
  • Speeding or driving too fast for conditions
  • Tailgating and following too closely
  • Inexperienced teenage drivers
  • Unsafe merges and lane changes
  • Running red lights or stop signs at intersections
  • Improper left-hand or right-hand turns
  • Negligent cyclists, pedestrians, or other road users
  • Poor lighting conditions or dark roads
  • Inclement weather such as rain, snow, or ice
  • Dangerous road conditions such as missing signs
  • Defective car parts such as faulty airbags or brakes

A driver who causes a serious accident may be held financially responsible for the losses sustained by others. Typically, the at-fault driver’s insurance pays to resolve the injury claim.

Highway Accident Statistics in Texas

The following statistics from 2020 and 2021 illustrate how deadly Texas highways can be:

  • Throughout 2020, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) says a crash was reported in the state once every minute and seven seconds.
  • Also, in 2020, there was a crash-related injury once every two minutes and 34 seconds and a crash-related fatality once every two hours and 15 minutes.
  • There were 3,896 crash-related fatalities in Texas throughout 2020, a 7.54% increase over the number in 2019.
  • According to the TxDOT, the sizable increase in 2020 traffic deaths occurred despite a 50% decrease in statewide traffic volume that year.
  • The rate of Texas traffic fatalities in 2020 was 1.50 deaths per hundred million miles traveled, a staggering 18.94% increase from the fatality rate in 2019.
  • There were 1,988 crash fatalities in rural Texas areas in 2020. That accounted for just over half of all statewide traffic fatalities that year.
  • There were 865 people killed in intersection crashes and 538 people killed in head-on crashes throughout Texas in 2020.
  • There were 958 fatalities from DUI-related traffic crashes in Texas throughout 2020, accounting for a quarter of all statewide traffic fatalities.
  • There were 717 pedestrian fatalities in Texas traffic accidents in 2020, an 8.47 % increase from 2019.
  • There were 79 cyclist fatalities in 2020 traffic accidents throughout Texas, a 16.18 % increase from 2019.
  • There were no days in Texas without a traffic death in 2020. Authorities say there have been no deathless days on Texas highways since November 7, 2000.
  • TxDOT officials say speed and failure to wear seat belts were two major contributing factors in fatal accidents statewide.
  • In addition to thousands of deaths, there were 205,498 people injured in Texas traffic crashes in 2020, including 14,656 people who sustained serious injuries.

Additional reports support the claim that US Highway 83 is one of the deadliest highways in Texas. A September 2021 report from the Runnels County Register says:

  • As of September 2021, there were 13 crashes and two fatalities on the segment of Highway 83 in Runnels County, TX.
  • Throughout 2020, there were 25 Highway 83 crashes in that area, several of which resulted in fatalities.
  • Local authorities say common contributing factors in many Runnels accidents include speed, inattention, unsafe passing maneuvers, fatigue, and intoxication.
  • Authorities also say crashes are just as likely to happen during any time of day.
  • Accidents are also common along the Highway 83 corridor in Concho County and Taylor County, through to Abilene. This stretch of highway saw 35 total crashes in 2020.
  • In a 21-month period, the 80-mile segment of Highway 83 between south Abilene and Eden experienced 147 crashes or roughly one accident for every half-mile of the highway.

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