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Seat belts are designed to restrain and protect drivers and passengers when they are involved in serious car accidents. When a belt is buckled, a presumption exists of safety and security. Yet, failure of a seat belt will not be noticed until the restraint is needed. A sudden head-on collision or violent rollover can tragically reveal that the seat belt is defective.

Seat Belt Failure and the Types of Complex Defective Seat Belt Claims

Hidden and undetected design failures and defective buckles on a seat belt create a false sense of security. A lack of restraint can have catastrophic results. At Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C., we have experience in complex defective seat belt claims that involve:

  • Unlatching buckles during an accident or rollover
  • Failing shoulder belt retractors
  • Shoulder-only belts that result in strangulation or neck and spinal injuries
  • Lap-only belts causing internal injuries
  • Dangerous, door-mounted seat belts

When a collision occurs, a seat belt should not contribute to additional injuries or cause the wrongful death of a loved one. Contact us at our Corpus Christi office at 361-792-2358 or our McAllen office at 956-622-4200.

Handling Seat Belt Injuries Claim

The first sign of a defective seat belt is a belted driver or occupant suffering injuries similar to someone not wearing a seat belt. Head and brain trauma or paralysis was the result of an accident, despite so-called “full restraint.” Excess slack, frayed webbing on the belt or unlatching of the buckle can lead to catastrophic physical damage. Minimal structural damage to the car occupied by someone suffering serious injuries is also a strong indication of seat belt failure.

Handling a seat belt defect claim is complex. Proving a defect is extremely challenging. Our legal team combines 100 years of experience with comprehensive legal knowledge. On behalf of injured clients and grieving family members, we have built fact-based claims with the help of respected industry experts who provide their in-depth industry insight.

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