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Parents purchasing car seats want the best when it comes to both comfort and safety for their children. Manufacturers should want the best as well when it comes to designing and manufacturing a car seat. A bond of trust is established. Following an accident where the car seat failed to restrain a child, that trust is shattered.

At Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C., we handle all legal aspects while our clients and their family deal with personal matters. Cases are often rife with emotion. A defective car seat can cause serious injury to a child and in some cases, a person’s son or daughter died as the result of a manufacturer’s negligence.

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US Car Seat Laws – Determining Liability for Car Seat Defects

Companies in the child safety business often try to pass off blame to parents following an accident where a car seat malfunctioned. Our job is to conduct fact-finding investigations to identify how a defective child seat caused catastrophic injury or death. Various factors can play a role in the failure of a child car seat, including:

  • The angle of recline where a child is seated horizontally.
  • Chest clip placed low enough to cause ejection.
  • Shoulder harness slots that are poorly labeled and used improperly.
  • Three-point harness lacking pelvic support for the child.
  • T-shield causing neck and throat injuries.
  • Plastic shells prone to fracture.
  • Booster seats lacking upper body support.

Take action following a catastrophic accident that involves a defective and dangerous car seat.

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