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Category: Personal Injury

Liability in a Distracted Walking Incident

Imagine yourself crossing a street and being struck by a passing vehicle. From your perspective, the driver might seem to appear out of nowhere, collide with you, and cause you either temporary or permanent injury. The proper response would seem clear: you file a claim and the driver’s insurance company … Continue reading

Have You Had Enough to Drink?

If you’re like many people, you may have found yourself in situations where you have had a drink or two and still feel sober enough to drive. Perhaps you’ve even gone that extra step and actually gotten behind the wheel of your vehicle while impaired by alcohol, and somehow managed … Continue reading

Safety at a Stadium: Managing Risk

Stadiums have always presented unique safety concerns, many of which have been addressed only in the wake of accidents or other tragedies. Some have referred to this phenomenon of increasing safety regulations as “legislating by catastrophe” as a way to highlight the fact that many safety procedures and risk mitigation … Continue reading

What is a Moderated Settlement Conference?

Moderated Settlement Conference No one ever plans on getting into a car wreck, and a serious collision can have a negative lasting effect on a person or family. When a Plaintiff is injured, often times the costly and timely process of litigation can be avoided or seriously reduced with the … Continue reading

Holiday Season Safety Tips

It is important that we don’t overlook safety considerations amid the merriment of the holiday season. Many of the accouterments to holiday celebrations – from Christmas trees and other decorations to family meals and parties – can cause serious personal injuries and leave negligent hosts liable for harm. With help … Continue reading

Is it Really Worth Hiring an Attorney?

Rather than ask yourself if getting an attorney is necessary when you are injured because of another party’s negligence, the question should really be, can I afford not to hire an attorney? Whether you or someone you care for was injured in a motor vehicle collision, a slip and fall, … Continue reading

Bankruptcy Judge Rules ‘New’ GM Protected from Lawsuits over Faulty Ignition Switches

A federal bankruptcy judge recently released GM from personal injury and wrongful death claims prior to 2009 when the corporation filed for bankruptcy, shielding the automaker from an estimated $7 billion to $10 billion in potential judgments from those who were injured by older, smaller cars that had a faulty … Continue reading