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Year: 2018

Listen Up and Buckle Up

Proper car seat safety is key in potentially saving your child’s life. One of the most overlooked things parents face these days is that their children are not being buckled in- correctly. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), two out of three child safety seats are not used … Continue reading

McAllen on the Rise

A recent study shows that the City of McAllen is now ranked No. 10 in boomtowns or better known as a growing population and improved lifestyles, with plenty of jobs and businesses thriving. This result was found by looking at five-year trends across America looking at changes between 2011-2016. A … Continue reading

Translation Services Here We Come

Hidalgo County, one of the most multilingual areas, is finally providing translation services to Spanish Speaking residents who routinely attend their meetings. Commissioners have been in the process of finalizing this plan in order to help those who attend these meetings be able to listen and understand all that is … Continue reading

Laws for Bicyclists

As bicycling continues to be the fastest-growing mode of transportation in, more cities like McAllen are accommodating riders on their commutes. While bicyclists have the same rights as drivers in the state of Texas, they also have the same responsibilities. Whether you are enjoying a leisurely ride or you are … Continue reading

Texas Oil Field Work Injuries

Manual labor can be dangerous and sometimes even deadly. In Texas, oil and gas drilling is life. It is one of the more common and most compensated jobs that someone can do. With that high paying job come risks. Oil field work injuries are more prone to occur. Accidents are … Continue reading

Back to School Resources

How to Get Help With Supplying Students This School Year As South Texas students head back to school we understand that finding the wiggle-room in a bank account for the required supplies can sometimes leave parents and guardians with back-to-school-blues. Those of us here at Herrman & Herrman understand that … Continue reading

Crime in McAllen, Texas

The city is placed in the Rio Grande Valley just Reynosa north, Mexico. The city of McAllen, Texas, has a very low crime rate of any metro region in the country. This is with 122 violent crimes per 100,000 locals. Actually, there were just 2 murders in all of McAllen … Continue reading

Monsanto’s Billions: a Pesticide Precedent

DeWayne Johnson spent the last 20 years as a groundskeeper for a school district near San Francisco, which meant that for two decades he applied Roundup weedkiller anywhere between 20-30 times each year. Johnson claimed that it was this pesticide application, and 2 incidents of being completely doused in the … Continue reading