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Category: Community

Helping the Environment: Reducing our Carbon Footprint

It is without question that human beings depend heavily on their environment, and the resources it provides. For motor vehicles to operate properly, humans rely on the natural resource of oil to fuel transportation in the modern day. It is important to understand the relationship between the needs of human … Continue reading

In today’s fast-paced world where convenience often trumps caution, Dollar General stores shine as symbols of accessibility. With a whopping 18,000 stores scattered across the nation and a workforce exceeding 150,000 individuals, Dollar General is undeniably entrenched in the fabric of American retail. However, beneath its veneer of convenience lies … Continue reading

Bicycle Safety Tips You Should Know

As bicycling continues to be the fastest growing mode of transportation, more cities are accommodating riders on their commutes. While bicyclists have the same rights as drivers in the state of Texas, they also have the same responsibilities. Whether you are enjoying a leisurely ride or you are commuting to … Continue reading

Uber Self Driving Cars Hit the Road

Although Uber isn’t in Corpus Christi, other cities have welcomed the ride-hailing service with open arms and have even allowed the company’s self-driving vehicles to hit their roads. Pittsburgh is home to Uber’s new Advanced Technologies Center, staffed by many former Carnegie Mellon University researchers according to the Caller-Times. The … Continue reading

Texas Ranked as the Third Worst State for Driving

The roads we travel can be both a means of liberation and a source of danger. In 2021, fatal car accidents surged nationwide, with over 39,500 incidents reported on U.S. roads—an alarming 10% increase from the previous year. As we delve into the statistics, a pattern emerges, highlighting the varying … Continue reading

Bullet Train to Connect Oklahoma, Texas and Mexico

Texans know all too well the hassle of driving down I-35, especially during rush hour. Whether you are traveling through San Antonio, Austin, or Waco on through to Dallas, I-35 has become a congested and overused highway. With thousands of people moving to Texas each year, the state has become … Continue reading

Traffic Changes Along U.S. 77

If you live out in the Bishop – Kingsville area then you have probably noticed the many changes occurring on U.S. 77. There are a number of traffic changes taking place as part of the $79 million dollar project to upgrade U.S. 77 between Driscoll and Kingsville. Two of the … Continue reading

The Triumph of Heroes: A Chronicle of Victory and Advocacy for Injured Veterans

In the intricate tapestry of valor and perseverance, few narratives stand out as profoundly as that of Le Roy and Rosie Torres. Their extraordinary journey, marked by triumph over seemingly insurmountable challenges, has not only captured the hearts of many but has earned them the prestigious title of Caller-Times Newsmakers … Continue reading

Universities Allow Guns on Campus

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the horrific shooting that took place at the iconic tower at the University of Texas. Charles Whitman was a trained marine sniper who positioned himself atop the 27-story UT tower in 1966 and began shooting at will. This was the first mass shooting on … Continue reading