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5 Laws You Probably Didn’t Know You Were Breaking

There are laws that everyone knows should never be broken such as murder, stealing, or even driving without insurance. Yet there are many laws that people do not realize they are breaking. Here are the most common laws that you, and probably me, break on a daily basis.

Connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi

This is major folks. Society is so tied to the internet, people will do almost anything to be connected. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is pretty broad in the way it defines when someone has violated regulations. Connecting to an unsecured WiFi network or even visiting pages that violate your company’s terms of service could potentially get you a felony charge. So, next time you need to like a status or want to share a post, think twice about when, where, and most importantly how you do it.

Gambling at home

Most states do not allow people to hold poker games at home. In Texas, however, home poker games are legalized by specific exceptions in the unlawful gambling laws. Although gambling is illegal in Texas it seems that playing a little Texas hold’em at home never hurt anybody. Fun fact: Texas hold’em originated in Robstown, Texas at the Hotel Brendel!


I think we can all say we have been guilty of this one. Although major efforts have made progress in terms of drunk driving and the use of seat belts, speeding is still a major factor in road fatalities.

Pirating music

It has been many a moon since the days of Limewire and Napster, yet that doesn’t mean people aren’t finding other ways to get their music. This particular breaking of the law borderlines with theft and makes it considerably immoral to some people.


From tossing a cigarette butt out the car window to spitting your gum out on the sidewalk. These are still acts of littering which most of the nation considers being a major no-no. Littering is illegal in the U.S and is punishable by some pretty hefty fines especially here in Texas. Remember, Don’t Mess With Texas!

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