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Category: Truck Accidents

How You Can Help Prevent a Truck Accident

Vehicular accidents happen all the time, and most of us have been near vehicles that are driving erratically at some point in time. When that vehicle is a large tractor-trailer, however, any worries we might feel about the situation are increased exponentially. Large truck accidents can be extremely destructive, both … Continue reading

Trucking Companies in TX Won’t be Liable If Their Driver Hits You

Thousands of commercial trucks travel on Texas roads and highways every day. Unfortunately, this concentration of commercial activity makes Texas roads especially dangerous for motorists. Every year, nearly 600 people die and thousands more are injured in Texas truck accidents. When victims are injured due to the negligence of truck … Continue reading

¿Qué Esperar Con Accidentes Que Involucran Un Semi-Camión O Vehículo Comercial?

Cuando una persona está involucrada en un accidente con un vehículo comercial grande o un semi-camión, los resultados de ese accidente pueden ser graves, si no mortales. Dado el tamaño y el peso de un semi-camión, especialmente en comparación con un vehículo de pasajeros mucho más pequeño, es fácil ver … Continue reading