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San Antonio Car Accident Fatalities Show Another Increase

Hearing the phrase, “Don’t be a statistic,” should bring to mind gruesome figures about the number of car accidents and fatalities caused by a myriad of issues. One such figure is this: the Texas Department of Transportation has recorded another increase in car accident fatalities in San Antonio in the year 2019.

The increase in car accident fatalities could be for a number of reasons. Directly, it means there are more vehicle collisions taking place on the San Antonio roads. This fact could be caused by an increasing reliance on cell phones for GPS and communication, weather conditions, drivers who get behind the wheel under the influence, and more. An increase in the number of deaths could also be attributed to an increase in the overall population in the area.

While we cannot control population growth as individuals, we can control the way we drive. So, if you’re hitting the roads in San Antonio, here are some ways to stay safe and avoid becoming a statistic.

First, it’s important that you are in the right state of mind to drive. This means avoiding driving if you are extremely tired if you have had any alcohol to drink, and if you are under the influence of drugs- prescription or recreational.

Secondly, do everything you can to avoid distractions when driving. Some distractions may be fiddling with your phone for directions or to change the music, texting while driving, eating, applying makeup, or conversing with friends or family in the car. Many find it helpful to keep the stereo at a lower volume, as well.

The third tip is to keep an eye on the weather and never drive if you feel concerned about its severity. Extreme rain or dense snow can make driving difficult even for the most experienced drivers. Visibility can also be an issue in these cases. If you ever feel worried about your comfort while driving because of a storm, it’s best to wait out the weather before you get on the road.

If you are ever in a vehicle accident resulting in a fatality, injury, or property damage, make sure you contact the skilled attorneys in San Antonio with experience in car accident cases.

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