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Authorities arrest driver for fatal hit-and-run crash on Culebra Rd

SAN ANTONIO, TX – According to KSAT, police have arrested a man they believe fled the scene after fatally colliding with a man on the 8200 block of Culebra Rd on March 5th.

Marc Joel Mendez, 41, is accused of fatally striking Mario Bulger, 47, at around 1 a.m. Rescue crews transported Bulger to an area hospital, where he later died.

Authorities discovered clear plastic pieces from a vehicle around the area where Bulger was hit. They did not find evidence of breaking or swerving.

Witnesses informed officers they saw a white truck driving away from the area after hearing an impact. Another witness told officers they were with Mendez at the time of the incident.

Officers impounded Mendez’s white 2015 GMC Sierra and found that the debris from the roadway matched the damage to Mendez’s headlights.

Authorities arrested Mendez for failure to stop and render aid resulting in death on Tuesday.

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