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Firefighters, bystanders resuscitate girl whose heart failed at Sea World

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Firefighters and bystanders worked together using a cell phone app to resuscitate a girl who suffered heart failure while riding a roller coaster at Sea World, according to News 4 San Antonio.

The girl and her family were at the park for her tenth birthday celebration last month. Her parents wanted to take her on her very first roller coaster.

The girl’s parents were unaware that their daughter had a heart condition, which caused her to lose consciousness while riding the coaster.

When the mother and father realized their daughter had lost consciousness, they began yelling for help.

Bystanders, including a nurse and an off-duty firefighter, performed CPR on the girl. While trying to resuscitate the girl, they used the new Good Sam App to send live video of the scene back to the call center.

Firefighters revived the girl using a defibrillator. The girl became responsive as she was taken to the hospital via ambulance.

Doctors at the hospital implanted a defibrillator in her chest.

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