Herrman & Herrman Pet of the Month – Charlie

Alone. Afraid. Unloved. These are three words that Charlie knows far too well. You see, instead of this precious girl spending this holiday season in a warm home surrounded by a loving family, she was found next to a trailer at a construction site. And from the looks of her, Charlie has likely been spending four years of life in this gut-wrenching condition.

About Charlie: Our Pet of the Month

When rescuers at STAR Group Rescue first laid eyes on this helpless little girl, covered in a sea of filth and feces, it was hard to identify what kind of breed of animal she was. Charlie’s condition is not something that happens overnight, nor did it happen in days. Instead, every second of Charlie’s life has been filled with nightmare-upon-nightmare, made even darker by the fact that her back right leg is beyond rotten and some of her other body parts have disintegrated.

Time was undoubted of the essence for this precious baby, so rescuers immediately scooped up her brittle body and rushed her to the emergency vet as fast as they could. Charlie is on fluids, Iv’s, and pain meds, and once she is stable, she will most certainly need her back leg amputated.

The Road to Recovery for Charlie

Despite everything Charlie has endured, she has proven to be nothing but the sweetest, most loving girl despite what life has thrown at her. Doctors and rescuers are determined to do everything for this deserving little girl, and once she recovers, she will NOT get abused or abandoned again.

Charlie is safe now, and her new life begins today. While her long days of neglect won’t disappear overnight, and her body needs time to heal & recover. Charlie does need further medical attention, and she needs our help to survive. Please help us make a difference this new year and be part of the solution. Every single dollar or wishlist item puts Charlie one step closer to her new, beautiful life. Thank you for your kindness and support!

Help Charlie Today!

Herrman & Herrman is helping STAR Rescue spread awareness about Charlie to help her get the medical care she needs.  To help Charlie, please visit: https://www.stargrouprescue.com/donate/