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This Is What You Can Do if You’re Hit by a Drunk Driver in Texas

It’s preached over and over: don’t drink and drive. However, just because you follow this essential driving rule doesn’t mean that everyone else on the road does. Being in an auto accident is already hard. Even when an auto collision is not fatal, it can still be mentally, physically, and emotionally traumatic if a drunk driver hits you. You could be feeling even more emotions, and you may be confused about what you should do. If you’re not at fault for a recent car crash and suspect the other driver was drunk, and you want to recover financially from your damages, here are important steps to know.

Focus on Health

In any case where someone is injured, whether someone is intoxicated or not, it is critical to tend to injuries before doing anything else. Ensure you comply with first responders and seek treatment for all physical damages to you or your passengers.

File a Formal Report

Ensure you report the auto accident to the police in the areas to an official accident report. This will help in insurance claims and will be helpful for any legal action you plan to take.

Record Everything You Can About the Accident and Its Cost

If you can, take pictures of everything at the accident site. These photos should include pictures of any damage to the cars involved. Make sure you write down your recollection of the accident and get the accounts of anyone else who was in your car, as well as eyewitnesses at the scene. If you have any proof that the other driver was drunk while driving, you should also hold onto that.

For any costs you incurred because of the accident, you should ensure that you keep receipts. This could be medical bills, receipts from an auto body shop, and a record of any missed wages, in addition to a quantified amount for your pain and suffering recovered through legal action.

Attain a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were not at fault for the accident, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney. Stipulation the other driver was drunk, resist the draw to settle with their insurance company. If you can prove in court with the help of your attorney that they were acting out of negligence, you should receive compensation for costs you incurred.

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