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What to Do After a Car Accident in McAllen

In the aftermath of an auto accident, it can be difficult to process what happened, much less remember all of the follow-up steps you should take. This is especially true if you or someone close to you was hurt in the crash. An experienced car accident lawyer can guide you … Continue reading

Liability in a Multi-Car Accident in McAllen

A car accident can be more complicated to resolve when multiple vehicles are involved. Determining liability, for example, is both crucial and challenging in a multi-vehicle crash. It often involves dealing with two or more insurance companies when seeking compensation for your injuries and losses. Insurance companies may try to … Continue reading

Proving Distracted Driving in a Car Accident

If you’ve been involved in a collision with a driver who was distracted, you might feel confident that you’re owed compensation from them. If the driver was texting, talking on the phone, eating or drinking, or doing anything to divert their full attention from the road, you may be eligible … Continue reading

¿Qué Hacer Después de un Accidente de Choque y Fuga?

Cuando ocurre un accidente de auto en McAllen o en cualquier lugar del Valle del Río Grande, la ley de Texas exige que los conductores se detengan, intercambien información y ofrezcan asistencia a cualquier persona que resultara herida en el accidente. Sin embargo, a veces los conductores ignoran sus obligaciones … Continue reading

La ley de Texas requiere que los conductores y pasajeros usen cinturones de seguridad, pero no todos siguen la ley. Los datos del Departamento de Transporte de Texas muestran que 924 personas que no usaban cinturones de seguridad murieron en accidentes de auto en el 2019. No usar el cinturón … Continue reading

How is Fault Determined in a Car Accident?

Evidence and witnesses are key to determining fault in auto accidents. If the fault is not clear at the scene of the accident, there may be traffic cameras that recorded the accident. By reviewing the footage, a driver’s fault may be able to be assigned sooner than later this way. Photographic evidence can help, too. If you’ve been in an … Continue reading