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Category: Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Oil Industry Has Most Explosions of Any Industry

The oil industry has seen more fatalities from explosions than any other private industry, according to an Environment & Energy Daily article on WyoFile. More than 10 percent of all job-related fatalities can be directly attributed to oil industry explosions and fires – despite the fact the oil industry only employs approximately one percent … Continue reading

Injuries On the Job Caused by Equipment

Certain types of jobs pose a far higher risk to employees than others. Construction workers, oil rig workers, and miners are just a few of the occupations having a high risk of suffering from injuries. Accidents in the workplace can and do happen all the time. Equipment failure is a … Continue reading

Muscle Strain the Top Cause of Texas Job Injuries

Muscle strains are the leading cause of workplace injuries in Texas, according to a new study by Travelers Insurance. The company’s workers’ compensation data show that muscle strains accounted for a quarter of on-the-job injuries in the state in 2013. In fact, there were more muscle strains than the next … Continue reading

Workplace Injury: Do I Have a Claim?

Accidents in the workplace are extremely common, despite everyone’s best efforts to avoid them. Often times, workers end up injured as the result of an accident, with many suffering time away from the job due to broken bones, pain, and other injury effects. At other times, however, workers may not … Continue reading

What to Do After a Work Injury

Every year, several million workers across the United States suffer some sort of injury or illness at work. Despite decades of governmental regulations and monitoring of the workplace to improve safety, accidents still happen and workers still get hurt. For some, the injuries are minor and recovery occurs quickly. For … Continue reading

I’m Injured- Do I Have A Claim?

A common question asked when injured people call our firm is generally a basic one: “Do I have a claim?” The best way to answer that question is that it depends on the specific facts and circumstance of the incident that led to the injury. While every injury and claim … Continue reading