Category: Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Ensuring a Safe Working Environment

There was a time when most people just accepted that illness, injury, and death were simply part of the risk you took when you went to work each day. Throughout most of human history, there were few if any protections for anyone in the workplace. As the Industrial Revolution took … Continue reading

What are my legal rights if I am injured on the job?

In the past, when an employee sustained an on-the-job injury he or she would simply file a workers’ compensation claim and receive benefits covering medical expenses and a reasonable percentage of lost wages. Most employers under state laws are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. It’s a “no-fault” system, meaning … Continue reading

Injuries On the Job Caused by Equipment

Certain types of jobs pose a far higher risk to employees than others. Construction workers, oil rig workers, and miners are just a few of the occupations having a high risk of suffering from injuries. Accidents in the workplace can and do happen all the time. Equipment failure is a … Continue reading

Oil Industry Has Most Explosions of Any Industry

The oil industry has seen more fatalities from explosions than any other private industry, according to an Environment & Energy Daily article on WyoFile. More than 10 percent of all job-related fatalities can be directly attributed to oil industry explosions and fires – despite the fact the oil industry only employs approximately one percent … Continue reading

Navigating Through a Work Zone Safely

Distracted driving is one of the largest, yet preventable, causes of crashes on our nation’s roadways. Hundreds of road construction workers are injured and/or killed every year due to a distracted driver. Road construction workers across the nation witness distracted drivers passing through work zones, usually inattentive to the reduced … Continue reading

Oil Output Correlates to More Car Accidents

How Increased Oil Output Correlates to More Car Accidents Involving Oil Field Workers Oil fields are considered to be hazardous work environments. As Texas oil companies increase their output towards the three million barrels a day range, we are also seeing a dramatic increase in the number of oil field … Continue reading