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Sandblasting: A Danger That Is Commonly Overlooked in the Oil Industry

Work in the oil fields can be a dangerous prospect. From falling debris to explosions, oil industry workers face a range of threats on an almost daily basis. Yet, considering the potential for catastrophe in the world of the oil industry, smaller scale, less obvious dangers can easily go ignored.

Sandblasting a process that is usually part of a bigger project, like cleaning or refurbishing. As such, workers engaged in sandblasting are not always afforded adequate protection. Because of such oversights, the potential for workplace injury in sandblasting operations is high, and even the most careful workers cannot always avoid a debilitating injury or illness.

What Are the Dangers of Sandblasting Work?

As with other operations in the oil industry, sandblasting involves the use of heavy equipment. Improper use or incorrect handling of this equipment can cause crush injuries, skin abrasion, and other serious bodily damage. Additionally, machinery used in sandblasting may be noisy, and, absent use of the proper safety gear, has the potential to cause hearing loss.

The biggest threat associated with sandblasting is the tiny particles it releases into the air. These particles can be far more than merely an irritant: when inhaled, they may lead to life-threatening illnesses, such as silicosis.

Employer Precautions Can Help Mitigate the Risk

Employers can take a number of steps to protect workers from the dangers of sandblasting. First and foremost, employers should provide thorough training and close supervision for any sandblasting operation.

Proper safety equipment is also a must. Protective gloves, coveralls, footwear, and safety goggles are essential. Most important of all, high-quality respirators should be given to anyone working on or near a sandblasting crew.

What Can You Do As A Worker?

As a worker in the oil industry, you should always watch out for your own safety and use protective gear issued by your employer. Of course, whatever your practices as a worker, sometimes serious injury can result during a sandblasting operation through no fault of your own.

When this happens, a thorough investigation is the only way to ascribe fault and get the full compensation you deserve from all responsible parties, from your employer to third party contractors providing services at your worksite. But, the sooner the investigation starts, the better the odds of uncovering useful information; if you have an illness or injury that you believe may have resulted from sandblasting, get in touch with Texas personal injury attorney as soon as possible to get your case underway.  Call 361-882-4357 top schedule your free consultation today!