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Herrman and Herrman Sponsors 41st Annual Beach to Bay

Runners from all over are preparing as Beach to Bay gets ready for its 41st annual relay marathon! For over 40 years this event has been able to pull the community of Corpus Christi together with hundreds of people from across the globe. As the largest relay marathon in the United States, Herrman and Herrman, P.L.L.C., is proud to be a sponsor of this Corpus Christi tradition for over 20 years. Held on Armed Forces Day since 1976, Beach to Bay has honored those who serve and have served in the military and allow participants to run in honor of some of these men and women in a program called ‘Run For a Hero’.

This year the event will also present, for the first time in its history, full marathon runners. Since the event has a total of 26.2 miles of beach and pavement, inexperienced runners are advised not to sign up, but if you’re up for the challenge they won’t stop you. Participants of the full marathon will have had to participate in 4 previous marathons in order to do so. For more information on where to sign up, follow this link.

There are a total of six legs in the marathon, each with its own challenges:

  • Leg 1 = 3.41 mi
    Start: Intersection of Ellif Rd & Access Rd. 5 Exchange Point: On the Beach, South of Bob Hall Pier
  • Leg 2 = 4.67 mi
    Start: On the Beach, South of Bob Hall Pier Exchange Point: North Side of Causeway Bridge Below
  • Leg 3 = 4.36 mi
    Start: North Side of Causeway Bridge Below Exchange Point: Waldron Road near N.A.S. Drive “Y”
  • Leg 4 = 4.69 mi
    Start: Waldron Road near N.A.S. Drive “Y” Exchange Point: Outside of N.A.S. North Gate
  • Leg 5 = 4.20 mi
    Start: Outside of N.A.S. North Gate Exchange Point: West Side of Swantner Park on sidewalk
  • Leg 6 = 4.89 mi
    Start: West Side of Swantner Park on sidewalk Finish Line: McCaughan Park



If you’re interested in running but don’t have 5 other people to form a team with, that’s no problem. The Beach to Bay website has a page specifically designated for single applicants or teams looking for another runner. All you have to do is post or reply to other participants. You can look up individual runners and teams here.

Proceeds from the event are donated throughout the year to countless groups. With over $100,000 dollars donated last year to over 70 local organizations, Beach to Bay has become a staple in the coastal bend community. They’ve donated to the Boys Scouts, Girl Scouts, Texas Special Olympics, local high school programs, church youth groups, and have even covered funeral expenses for families in need. Herrman and Herrman, P.L.L.C., is delighted to be a part of this event this year and we will have a few teams out there of our own. Keep an eye out for the white Herrman and Herrman T-shirts and be sure to swing by our booth for some awesome giveaways.