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Year: 2023

South Texas Ready for Cruise Ships?

It seems a new bridge, new dog park, and more bike lanes aren’t the only thing coming to Corpus Christi. There is also talks about bringing the cruise industry to the Texas coast, somewhere between Calhoun and Cameron counties. Galveston is currently the only city in Texas that has a cruise … Continue reading

Boat Safety in the Coastal Bend

Boat Safety If you’ve ever been in the Corpus Christi Bay you quickly notice the numerous boats and jet ski’s shredding up the waves. What you also begin to realize is that the normal rules of the road don’t necessarily apply while operating a water vessel. Therefore, driving a boat … Continue reading

New Study: Uber & Reducing Drunk Driving

The impact of Uber on reducing drunk driving has been a subject of research and discussion. Several studies have suggested a potential correlation between the availability of ridesharing services like Uber and a decrease in drunk driving incidents. The convenience of requesting a ride through a smartphone app may offer … Continue reading

How Dangerous Are Hover Boards Anyway?

One of the hottest entertainment gifts in recent years is now under fire from the media, government regulators, and private safety advocacy groups. While safety concerns are nothing new, the product in question here has been reported to be one of the more dangerous items to hit the market in … Continue reading

SUVs Deadly For Drivers of Passenger Vehicles in Collisions

In 1978, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration developed a five-star rating system to let consumers know how different vehicles fared in frontal collisions. In 1997, the NHTSA incorporated side-impact collisions into its rating system and added rollover tendencies to the safety assessment in 2001. Many consumers rely on these … Continue reading

Store Liability When a Patron Slips and Falls

The National Safety Council reports that slip and fall accidents are responsible for 8.6 million visits to the emergency room annually. Those accidents can result in injuries that are anything but trivial, as more than 21,700 Americans die from falls every year. Falls often result in broken bones and can … Continue reading

What are the Deadliest Holidays For Motor Vehicle Accidents?

While getting behind the wheel of a vehicle can be dangerous at any time of year, the Texas Department of Transportation reports fatal crashes along Texas interstates are highest during the months of July, November, and December. USA Today’s “Most Dangerous Holidays” list puts Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s among … Continue reading

Avoid Buying a Vehicle with a Recall

If you’re in the market for a used car, you could be at risk of purchasing a car that has a pending recall that hasn’t been fixed. Earlier this year we saw the largest-ever U.S. auto recall after millions of Takata Airbags were found to be possibly defective. Even with … Continue reading