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Adolescentes Manejando y Accidentes de Vehículos en Texas: Conozca los Datos

Los conductores adolescentes y los adultos jóvenes tienen las tasas de accidentes más altas de todos los conductores. Los accidentes automovilísticos son la principal causa de muerte entre los adolescentes. Texas ha establecido un programa de licencias de conducir de varios pasos para tratar de dar gradualmente a los conductores … Continue reading

Single-vehicle collision reported in Alton

ALTON, TX – Officers with the Alton Police Department responded to a single-vehicle crash outside of a local residence last Wednesday morning. The incident occurred near the intersection of San Antonio Street and Truman Avenue off of Stewart Boulevard at about 7:30 a.m. Officials believe the 30-year-old man behind the … Continue reading

Should You Replace Your Child’s Car Seat After a Crash?

Young parents in Texas dealing with all the expenses of raising a child may wonder whether it is necessary to replace a child’s car seat after a car accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which enforces vehicle safety standards to reduce injuries and deaths from motor vehicle accidents, … Continue reading

A Look at Tire Blowouts and How to Handle Them

Americans spend much of their lives behind the wheels of cars and trucks, traversing America’s roads and highways on a daily basis. That freedom of mobility has helped to define the nation’s character and offers a wide range of benefits for its citizens. At the same time, however, all of … Continue reading