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Category: Breaking News

In today’s fast-paced world where convenience often trumps caution, Dollar General stores shine as symbols of accessibility. With a whopping 18,000 stores scattered across the nation and a workforce exceeding 150,000 individuals, Dollar General is undeniably entrenched in the fabric of American retail. However, beneath its veneer of convenience lies … Continue reading

The Triumph of Heroes: A Chronicle of Victory and Advocacy for Injured Veterans

In the intricate tapestry of valor and perseverance, few narratives stand out as profoundly as that of Le Roy and Rosie Torres. Their extraordinary journey, marked by triumph over seemingly insurmountable challenges, has not only captured the hearts of many but has earned them the prestigious title of Caller-Times Newsmakers … Continue reading

Growing Concern Over Hit and Run Fatalities

A man was charged the other day in a fatal hit and run accident in New Caney, Texas just outside of Houston, Texas. The article stated that the suspect will face a felony charge as his SUV failed to yield the right of way and collided with a motorcycle, leaving … Continue reading

Texas formally outlaws lane splitting for bikers

As your favorite motorcycle lawyers, we feel the need to inform you about the new motorcycle law, HB-4122. As of September 1, 2023, the bill HB-4122 will go into effect. HB-4122 states that lane splitting and lane filtering are now illegal for motorcycles riding in Texas. The law does make … Continue reading

Eastland Texas Wildfires Donation Collection

Wildfires are badly devastating Eastland county. Many have lost their homes and personal belongings. Eastland county community members need our help with providing food, daily essentials, toiletries, and hygiene products. At Herrman & Herrman PLLC, we have started a donation collection and plan to deliver it to our brave First … Continue reading