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Category: Motor Vehicle Accidents

Liability in a Distracted Walking Incident

Imagine yourself crossing a street and being struck by a passing vehicle. From your perspective, the driver might seem to appear out of nowhere, collide with you, and cause you either temporary or permanent injury. The proper response would seem clear: you file a claim and the driver’s insurance company … Continue reading

Public Transportation Safety: Is Mass Transit Actually Safer than Driving?

When it comes to transportation, society as a whole tends to rely more on myths and assumptions than actual fact-based conclusions. Take, for example, the issue of public transportation. For many years, the media and various transportation industry spokespeople have echoed a singular narrative: that mass transit options are inherently … Continue reading

Have You Had Enough to Drink?

If you’re like many people, you may have found yourself in situations where you have had a drink or two and still feel sober enough to drive. Perhaps you’ve even gone that extra step and actually gotten behind the wheel of your vehicle while impaired by alcohol, and somehow managed … Continue reading

Technology to Prevent DUI’s & DWI’s

With millions of automobile accidents throughout the United States each year, traffic safety is a concern that has been given increasing attention over the last several decades. One area of major concern continues to be the high rate of incidents involving people who drink and drive. Over the last few … Continue reading

Automatic Emergency Braking Systems for New Cars

Saving Lives: Automatic Emergency Braking Systems for New Cars Since the invention of the automobile, traffic accidents have been a sad fact of life for Americans and others around the world. As the number of cars and trucks in the United States exploded in the Twentieth Century, so too did … Continue reading

What Does New Data Reveal About Link Between Income Levels and Car Accidents?

In recent years, the number of car accident fatalities across the country has decreased. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in the most recent year of complete traffic data, the number of fatalities on U.S. roadways continued a long-term downward trend. A significant factor contributing to the decreasing … Continue reading

I’m Injured- Do I Have A Claim?

A common question asked when injured people call our firm is generally a basic one: “Do I have a claim?” The best way to answer that question is that it depends on the specific facts and circumstance of the incident that led to the injury. While every injury and claim … Continue reading