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Category: Motor Vehicle Accidents

Hurt From A Wreck But No Damage to Vehicle?

The roads of Texas can be difficult to navigate at times. They’re extra busy and can sometimes be a rat race even if it is not rush hour traffic. Car accidents are bound to happen in high traffic areas. Sometimes it’s not your fault and there is little to nothing … Continue reading

Full Coverage or “Fools” Coverage?

A great attorney and friend of mine once used the term “Fools” coverage to describe the act of an insurance company fooling a customer into believing they have more coverage than they actually do because of the usage of the word “Full” coverage.  Unfortunately, I have experienced many incidents when … Continue reading

3 Main Types of Driver Distraction

Driver distraction is quickly becoming one of the leading causes of injury accidents both here in Texas and throughout the rest of the nation. Anytime your hands come off the wheel, your eyes wander away from the road or your attention is drawn elsewhere while you are driving, the results … Continue reading

Staying Safe During ‘Left-Turn’ Accident Season

For many transportation safety experts, summer is known as left-turn accident season. In essence, bikers and cyclists alike are uniquely vulnerable during the summer, because more motorists are consistently on the road. In addition to the volume of motorists on the road, motorists choose to drive while drunk, distracted, drowsy … Continue reading

What Our Driving Habits Reveal About How Accidents Occur

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety published the American Driving Survey providing a fascinating snapshot of our daily driving habits. The foundation’s goal is to reduce injuries, prevent crashes and save lives by educating the public about traffic safety. The survey, involving personal interviews with 3,319 drivers, revealed some interesting facts about … Continue reading

What to Do After a Truck Accident in Texas

As a big state with plenty of open roads, Texas has many registered commercial trucks and tractor trailers. Unfortunately, the state also has the highest number of truck accidents of any state. More than 500 trucks were involved in fatal accidents in Texas — more than twice as many as … Continue reading

How Hollywood Got Auto Accidents All Wrong

Action movies are indeed a treat to watch with their captivating scenes and insane effects. Enthusiasts and movie freaks tend to enjoy these graphic scenes as they get the adrenaline rushing and get the viewers on the edge of their seats. However, if you have ever been in a car … Continue reading

Road Risks for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riders are in a unique position on the road in that they are exposed to dangers that are not met by automobile drivers and other motorists. For they are less stable and less visible than other vehicles on the road.  As a result, motorcyclists must be aware of the … Continue reading

Pedestrian Dangers and Legal Remedies

Walking is good for your health. It is something nearly everyone can do, and it helps people see things and develop relationships that cannot be done while driving. However, pedestrians face unique hazards from other vehicles on the road. This is especially true in urban areas, on weekends and during … Continue reading