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If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to the negligent or careless actions of others, you need a trusted, experienced lawyer who will protect your legal interests, and, most importantly, honestly cares about you. After suffering injuries, you should not be worrying about medical bills and what to do about your lost income from work – particularly when another party was responsible for what happened to you. Your top priority is regaining your health and enjoyment of life. At Herrman & Herrman, our entire team of personal injury lawyers is here to help you through this extremely tough time.

You can trust us to be compassionate and professional, and to fight hard to negotiate fair terms of a settlement. The responsible party must be held accountable under the law. Our firm represents the injured and families who have lost a loved one due to the negligent acts of others. We serve as counsel in a range of injury cases – including car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, premises liability cases, product liability cases, 18-wheeler accidents, oilfield accidents, burns & explosions, refinery accidentsmaritime injuries, and defective drugs claims.

We have deep ties to Corpus Christi, McAllen, and the whole Rio Grande Valley. Our entire staff is involved in various charities and activities that we believe in, including sponsoring the Fiesta de la Flor festival, Toys for Tots, Stuff the Bus, Beach to Bay, CC Metro Ministries, and many other local and national groups. We care about the quality of life in our community, and care about our friends and neighbors in all walks of life. Our legal team has an outstanding record of favorable settlements and verdicts, and we have successfully resolved over 20,000 cases to date. We focus our legal efforts on pursuing justice for a wide range of injury cases in Texas. Once we take on a case, we are relentless. Our legal team is uncompromising in demanding justice for the people we serve, and you can rely on us to pursue full compensation for you. Call us now at (361) 882-4357.

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One of the most common and deadly type of accident involves a motor vehicle. A large majority of car accidents are preventable, had a driver just paid attention to the road ahead, chosen not to drive drunk, or followed the rules of the road. The tragic fact is that innocent people pay the price for these actions, and lives are suddenly ended or forever changed, simply because another driver made bad decisions.

When you or your loved one is injured in a car accident, it can be a trying and terrible time. The entire family can be thrown into turmoil, hoping and praying that their loved one will recover. These are often tragic cases, with injuries that will impact the victim for a lifetime, such as a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, disfiguring injury, amputation, or other serious injury that leaves a person facing a future of challenges and diminished enjoyment of life.

If a negligent act led to your injuries, the responsible party can be held liable under Texas law. His or her insurance company will be contacted and a claim filed on your behalf as the initial effort to recover compensation. In some cases, the facts about who was negligent are contested. These cases could require the assistance of accident reconstruction experts to provide the critical facts of an accident. Our firm has access to the most respected professional resources to assist in this critical aspect of an auto accident case. An experienced car accident lawyer at Herrman & Herrman can move forward in civil court to seek justice. We will do our best to present a compelling, well-documented case on negligence for a car accident victim’s injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering. To speak with one of our car wreck attorneys at no cost, call us at (361) 882-4357.


At Herrman & Herrman, we believe that any person suffering personal injuries caused by others should have access to the best quality of life, and the highest level of medical treatment currently available. All of his or her financial worries should be resolved. After a serious car wreck that has left you or your family member struggling to survive and disabled, you can trust us to aggressively pursue the maximum possible compensation under the law.

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According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 464 fatal truck accidents in Texas occurred in 2013. The risk of catastrophic injury or death is very high when one of these mammoth vehicles collides with a passenger car, pickup, van, SUV, or motorcycle. Truck drivers may have violated federal regulations in hours of service, leaving them too tired to safely operate a commercial truck. They may be operating trucks under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Other contributing factors in truck accidents involve driving too fast for road conditions, unsecure loads, and truck safety system failures.

If negligence caused a trucking accident, an injury victim can file a claim or lawsuit to recover damages. Establishing that the driver, trucking firm, parts manufacturer, truck manufacturer or other party was negligent will require an investigation into the facts underlying the truck accident. It is vital that you hire a law firm that has the resources and capability to discover the facts, and that can professionally craft your claim or lawsuit. You want and deserve a truck accident lawyer on your side that has extensive experience and success in handling these cases. The final amount paid to you for your injuries and damages depends in large part on how your legal case is developed. Call us now for help.

State and federal laws regulate trucking firms and truckers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires truckers to remain off duty for 10 consecutive hours before beginning a shift. Truck drivers are only allowed to drive 11 hours out of a maximum of 14 hours on duty. Truck drivers who violate the hours of service regulations put all others sharing the highway at higher risk of injury or death. After a collision involving injuries or death has occurred, an investigation may reveal that the driver violated these rules, falsified logbooks, or other critical issues related to trucker safety. Many trucking firms place a “black box” in the vehicles, similar to those on aircraft, which tracks the speed and other data electronically. Both the logbook and the black box data can provide critical pieces of evidence in an injury case. One of our skilled, tenacious trucking accident attorneys knows what to look for and how to obtain this critical evidence.

Alcohol or drug use diminishes the capacity of any driver. When a truck driver is intoxicated, the sheer size and weight of the vehicle is an extreme hazard to other drivers. Commercial drivers are restricted from consuming alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medications that could affect the ability to safely operate a vehicle. The alcohol limit for commercial drivers is .04 BAC (blood alcohol concentration), and no driver is allowed to operate a truck within four hours of the consumption of any alcohol. Drivers are required to inform their employers if they are taking legally prescribed medications. The consumption of illegal controlled substances is prohibited, and federal truck driving regulations require drivers to submit to drug tests prior to being hired.


If injured in a truck accident, it is imperative that you get legal representation immediately. The earlier Herrman & Herrman gets involved in your case, the better we can protect your legal right to pursue full and fair compensation for your injuries. Let us help. Contact us today.

Corpus Christi Accident Lawyers for wrongful death


Under Texas law, a person is liable for damages if he or she causes the death of another by wrongful act, neglect, carelessness, unskillfulness, or default. The Texas wrongful death law covers many types of situations, including transportation accidents, faulty roads, railroad accidents, and many other causes of death.

The first step in filing a wrongful death claim is to determine which parties can be held liable for the untimely death of a loved one. There may be more than one liable party, or a single person has committed an act of negligence that was so dangerous that your loved one passed away. Our firm is prepared to investigate the facts and advise you about how to proceed to seek justice for the death of your loved one through a wrongful death lawsuit or insurance claim.

Only a surviving spouse, children and parents of the deceased person have the right to file a wrongful death claim in Texas. A pregnant mother who loses an unborn child in a wrongful death accident can seek damages for the unborn child upon providing medical evidence of the pregnancy.

Several types of damages can be pursued in a wrongful death claim. The law states, “The jury can award damages in an amount proportionate to the injury resulting from the death.” Exemplary damages (in order to punish) are sometimes awarded when the death was caused by a willful act or omission, or cases of gross negligence.


The actual damages typically include the costs of medical treatment prior to death; funeral expenses; estimated lost future earnings; damages for the loss of companionship; and other personal losses. Filing a wrongful death claim can be exceptionally important for the future survival of a family who has suffered the sudden, tragic loss of a loved one. Let our personal injury lawyers help you seek justice. Call us today for more information about filing a wrongful death claim in Texas.

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Federal law grants consumers certain protections. If a faulty or defective consumer product has resulted in injury or death, it is necessary to move forward against the company responsible and hold them accountable. A manufacturer, retailer or other party can be legally liable when a product fails, is defectively designed, or has hidden dangers about which a consumer was not warned.

Product liability cases can involve an auto accident when an auto part or safety system fails, or cases involving a dangerous drug or medical device, or literally any other consumer product that did not function as promised, or had health or safety risks against which the consumer was not warned. Every case is unique with regard to the exact circumstances, the degree of the injuries and other damages, as well as the actions of the company that created the product.


Sometimes the dangers of a product were known by the manufacturers and then hidden from consumers, such as when GM concealed ignition problems in certain vehicles for years, as revealed in recent congressional hearings. Our legal team is heavily involved in many high-value product liability cases, and we are prepared to speak with you about what happened, and advise you of your best course of action.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is the federal agency charged with protecting public health and safety regarding consumer products. The agency issues recalls of thousands of products every year due to the possibility of injury or death. Child toys, furniture, car seats, cribs, bicycles, clothing, batteries, tools, appliances and many other consumer items are subject to recall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission (NHTSA) manages vehicle and vehicle component recalls. If a faulty or defective product has injured you or a loved one, connect with our firm at once to get help by calling (361) 882-4357.

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