Personal Injury Lawyer Tom Landry

houston personal injury attorney

Tom Landry has always been committed to providing the highest level of legal representation for his clients. Tom is well known for giving personal attention, clear communication, timely assistance, and excellent results. He’ll always provide the best available options and recommendations based on the client’s specific situation.

Tom has extensive litigation experience and knowledge of the laws in Texas. Having seen firsthand, big insurance companies try to take advantage of injured people during a time of significant vulnerability influenced him to dedicate his career to fighting for hard-working Texans.

As a trial lawyer, Tom’s priorities are to ensure success for the client’s and family’s goals. He is attentive to minimizing risk and expenses for the client. Together you’ll develop and implement a carefully tailored plan to ensure you are always put first and feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

When Tom isn’t practicing law, his world revolves around his family and his willingness to do anything for them.