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Becoming an Attorney Part 3

In our previous editions, we talked about getting into law school. Today we will look at the number one ranked law school that someone in the United States can attend. This law school is Yale.

Yale is located in New Haven, Connecticut. This premier institution offers unmatched legal education for legal training. According to their website, “Yale Law School is unique among law schools in that it produces leaders in all walks of life: distinguished deans and faculty members at law schools across the country and the world; industry CEOs and corporate counsels; founders of nongovernmental organizations and other nonprofit entities; entrepreneurs; government servants in federal, state, and local offices and the judiciary — just a few areas in which our alumni’s talent and passion and dedication have made a difference.”(law.yale.edu)

Yale is located just one block from downtown New Haven. Around the campus, you will be close to shops, clubs, restaurants and all other kinds of shops that may interest you. The neighborhood is nearby known as “Little Italy” is world known for their pizza. The majority of students who attend Yale seem genuinely happy with their student life balance. Despite rigorous testing and pressure, those who attend have mostly good things to say about the overall experience.

While Yale is the number one law school in the country, it is not easy to become an accepted applicant. According to their website, the vast majority of students applying do not get accepted. The numbers of the 2021 class are below:

  • 3,546 applicants
  • 238 new offers
  • 197 new offers accepted
  • 83% yield on new offers
  • 246 net admits1
  • 203 matriculated
  • 83% yield on net admits

The numbers that seem to make the biggest difference of if an applicant is accepted or not, is, of course, the student’s grade point average and Law School Admissions Test scores. Those are listed below:

However, if you are lucky enough to get accepted, you must consider the cost of law school at Yale. The 2018-2019 Basic Budget for law school according to Yale’s website is:

Remember, law school is for THREE years. So the total for law school(assuming prices do not increase) is $256,092.00

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