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How Motorcycle Accidents Commonly Occur

Motorcycle riding makes for a fun past-time. Adrenaline-filled sport is also one of the fastest ways to cover the distance by road.

But for all its wonderful, adrenaline-pumping attributes, it has also proven to be very dangerous and extremely prone for road accidents.

These accidents are often life-threatening to the motorcyclist, and in most cases, his or her passengers alike.

Few ways motorcycle accidents occur for you to be cautious of when you take your next ride

When cars make turns by the left hand

One very deadly situation motorcyclist’s face is when cars make turns by their left hand. These types of collisions occur frequently, they account for a whopping 42% of all accidents that have to do with a motorcycle and a car.

In most cases, the turning car collides with the motorcycle when:

  • The motorcycle attempts to overtake the vehicle.
  • The motorcycle tries to breeze right through a small intersection.
  • The motorcycle tries to go past the car.
  • Usually, the motorcycle is not fully visible to the turning vehicle due to its small size.
  • Even more vulnerable are those that try to pass cars that are on the same lane as the cars are often caught unaware.

When motorcycles and cars collide head-on

These situations are in most cases, fatal to the motorcyclist and often to his passenger alike. Accounting for a large, 56% of all deaths involving motorcycles, this is one situation you should be highly wary of.

Drinking and driving

The cry against drunk driving has been on for ages to no avail. Drunk driving also causes a car to car accidents but those are usually not as fatal as that of motorcycle to car or motorcycle to any other object because of the extra protection available to cars.

Lane splitting when driving

One of the advantages most motorcycle drivers thrive on is the ability to switch between two lanes at will, especially in cases of huge traffic jams. While this can be helpful to the motorcyclist and in most cases, his or her passenger, helping them saving time. It can also prove to be highly dangerous and fatal to both parties involved.

While there are many more causes of motorcycle accidents, we believe with these few; if you’re a motorcyclist, you can drive safer. And if you’re a passenger, always ensure to call your motorcyclist to order should he exhibit any of the above red flags.

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